10+ awesome PC Games you can play on your shitty laptop

Fear not slackers with laptops, especially those of you who got a laptop manufactured in the last 2 years, for your opportunities for time wasting are many. And while the latest graphics are not going to be our strong attacking point, what's going to end up on our list are games that probably look a little dated by your big SLI gaming rig standards, but are definitely games that shine on gameplay, addictivenes and fun and well... basically every other aspect besides the latest shaders. [...]

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Perjoss2230d ago

Such a great list! (although I've never played an Ultima game). I recently played and finished The Dig for the first time and thought it was fantastic.

Zeixama2230d ago

Emulators and Steam are best friends of economical interactive entertainment. Get them and you are set.

TedCruzsTaint2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Morrowind is a game that needs to be played. For all the praise that people give Bethesda's latest ES titles . . . well, they are complete and utter crap in comparison. Not nearly as complex or rewarding. If you are a fan of the newer games, yet haven't touched anything predating Oblivion, this is the game to try. You should be pleasantly surprised, considering you can appreciate the combat system, which is essentially the dice roll combat of older style rpgs, just done in real time.

Gothic 2 is another game that really needs to be played. Not for those looking for an easy experience, but, if you give yourself the time to get into the game, you will experience one of the most rewarding roleplaying games around.

Arx Fatalis was developed by the team now working on the Dishonored title. The game has its faults, namely with its somewhat awkward combat. But, to make up for this, it offers an engrossing story, lots of exploration, and a nice world filled with atmosphere. Very much recommended.

Knights of the Old Republic is another one that should be played by anyone even somewhat interested in roleplaying games. Same goes for the second one, considering you take advantage of the community patches which, in my opinion, lifts the sequel up past the original. Anyway, KOTOR is easily the best game on offer from Bioware, so it really should be checked out.

A game that is not on this list, though should run on most any somewhat recent computer, is Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. Horror fans should really appreciate this title. The game gets a bit weak towards the end, concentrating more on gunplay than the adventure horror elements that lead up to it, but the game as a whole is a fantastic experience.

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Information Minister2230d ago

This list needs more Deus Ex.

If you like arcade racing, I also sugest Outrun 2006 which I have been playing and runs flawlessly on my 2010 laptop.

superterabyte2230d ago

-Call of duty 4 Modern Warfare
-Half-life (all of them)
-Team fortress 2
-Football manager(all of them)

ATi_Elite2230d ago

STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl
STALER Clear Sky
STALKER Call of Pripyat
Portal 1 & 2

an Integrated Nvidia 6150 nForce 430 (Piece of Shite ) GPU can run these 5 FANTASTIC Games!!!

superterabyte2230d ago

k why have I got disagrees?

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