New Super Mario Bros. 2 eShop Price Confirmed

This week’s Nintendo downloads have recently been confirmed via press release, and as New Super Mario Bros. 2 is launching on the eShop alongside its physical counterpart on Friday, the pricing of Nintendo’s retail downloads has been confirmed.

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kingofe32163d ago

Now I want to explain this before people start complaining... this is the regular RRP.

Just because a retailer doesn't sell a game for £39.99 doesn't mean that game's RRP isn't £39.99. Just because twenty retailers choose to undercut an RRP by £10 does not change that game's RRP.

This is simply another option to get the game, this is not the only way to get it. So if you don't like the price, just get retail. This is not overpricing of the game at all.

If they tried to set the RRP at £29.99, the retailers might sell it for £19.99? Where's the profit?

Rampaged Death2163d ago

I can't believe someone is trying to defend this ....

kingofe32163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

What I'm basically trying to say is that they already said they were not selling below RRP, so I don't why this is coming as a surprise. Me personally, I would prefer it at a cheaper price, but it's not. And it is still an opinion.

How could a company store sell a product for LESS than they are suggesting it be sold at? Wouldn't that necessarily mean the RPP wasn't actually the RPP, but rather the price they are selling it at?