Ouya: Huge Analysis About Hardware, Games and Future

Ouya: A Huge Analysis About Hardware, Games and Future of the Android-Console. Is Ouya the real Next Gen-Console?

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zeal0us2228d ago

Well the Ouya will be using same Tegra 3 SoC that the Transformer Infinity got. Good news its the strongest Tegra3 chip on the market currently. Bad new Ouya is coming out in March. By March there will already be a stronger and faster Tegra 3 SoC(most likely the Wayne chip) on the market.

Ouya is this gen, its no where near next gen.
Ouya shouldn't have a problem game-wise. Sure theres piracy but piracy exist on almost every platform.

jukins2228d ago

piracy does exist on most platforms but no where near the extent that full rootable android based system would allow. And that is gonna be its biggest problem in bringing in developers.

ApolloAdams2228d ago

I'm sure the PC rivals that piracy and likely out does it as some games are 90% piracy took such as AC2.

_-EDMIX-_2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

@jukins-LMFAO! Name a platform it doesn't exist on retard. LMFAO!

I can't stop laughing. I think you need to get out from under that rock.

Don't talk about things you know nothing of.

jukins2227d ago

really edmix is that really called for? what are you 5? obviously i said it exists on most platforms but android opens up piracy almost as bad as windows does. the thing that save gaming on pc is that there are well built avenues for developers and publishers to make money.

its you who doesnt know what they're talking about. go ask a typical android dev, let alone big time publishers/devs, why they usually choose ios over android for their games.

JBSleek2228d ago

Ouya Hardware should of been:

Tegra 4 Quad core A15 with 2GB of Ram and 32 GB Standard space to make it a more viable option as an input for TV's.

Only time will tell if this gets traction but you can only go as far as the hardware can take you, Creativity and innovation can only go so far when you are bottle necked by mobile processors that are outdated upon release.

zeal0us2228d ago

Agree, 8gb of storage is a joke. Games like GTA3 and some of the ones made by EA&Gameloft can take up 500mb-1gb+ in data.

hellvaguy2227d ago

You wouldnt see any real world profermance gains going to the Terga 4. Im not even so sure there are any mobile games using dual core processors, let alone these quad cores.

ziggurcat2228d ago

the hardware is going to be garbage because it won't be any better than a mid-range cellphone.

there won't be any game for this thing.

and hackers will ruin it for everyone, so there won't be any future in this device.

drizzom2228d ago

I think the developers are going to be what make or break this system. Creativity and Innovation is found in a games "design" not its graphical fidelity. With what they have, they need to impress gamers with gameplay. Because they sure as hell aren't ever going to win any points in graphics.