Time Travel in RPGs: Impossible or Merely Tricky?

Does the complexity introduced by time travel doom any game?

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Redempteur1986d ago

WIthout limitation in terms of how/when/where you can time travel, doing so in rpgs isn't worth it and it induce a lot of planning for a gameplay that might not be up to what players wants ..

it's very tricky

NukaCola1986d ago

There has to be some structure to it. When you are involving time, it all has to relate.

I think no game has gotten it right better than Chrono Trigger.

LightofDarkness1985d ago

Radiant Historia does a great job with it too.

Dark-vash1985d ago

Radiant Historia was awesome with time travel!
FFXIII-2 Does a good job too!

Felinox1985d ago

I would love a good Dr who game. FFXIII2 is the closest thing ive found.