Game of the Week: Resident Evil- Deadly Silence

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence was released in 2006, as a salutation to the tenth anniversary of the series’ inception. It is the first (and, I’d venture, perhaps the most revered) Resident Evil game, wantonly coerced into Capcom’s shrink-o-matic and compressed into a DS cartridge. This was a tantalising prospect, as this exquisitely convoluted tale of shambling crusty corpses, belligerent bees and gargantuan pestiferous plants had erstwhile never been portable. It’s been everywhere damn else, I’ll concede, chivvied from console to console like the proverbial hot potato (one festooned with disconcertingly formidable explosives at that), ports and other re-release shenanigans abound.

As such, let’s take a look at just what Deadly Silence brought to the first game (beyond the obvious benefit that you could gambol on the sidewalk and wail at strangers, “It’s Resident Evil! On a handheld! Come over here, and caress the screen lovingly, lest I smite you with my stylus! Or, indeed, the DS itself. These were the days when the device was comparable in size to the average walk-in wardrobe, after all.” Should you wish to partake in such lunacy.)

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