Borderlands 2: Mechromancer class on sale 60 days after game’s launch

Borderlands 2's fifth character class, the Mechromancer, is available free to anyone who pre-orders the game ahead of its September 21 release in Europe. Anyone not pre-ordering will have to wait 60 days for the DLC to appear online before buying.

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EDD2132227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Free if pre-ordered, but its basically a char that is extremely strong and not to be put in the game upon release.

Christopher2227d ago

Yeah, it's free if you pre-order, along with other stuff.

It's not on disc either as they will still be working on her after release.

Hufandpuf2227d ago

"The Mechromancer class will be available on all formats – PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 – from launch to all pre-order players who are members of the Gearbox Premier Club."

if it's available at launch, it could be on disc. I don't really care though, it's not like Capcom where they lock out 20 characters.

Christopher2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

They're not saying it's available at launch, but it WILL BE AVAILABLE to those who pre-order at launch once it is released. Yeah, poorly worded.

"The Mechromancer is the fifth playable class in Borderlands 2. First revealed at PAX East 2012, the class will be added as post-release Downloadable Content 60-90 days after the Borderlands 2 release. There will be no charge for those that pre-ordered Borderlands 2 but will cost a small fee for those that don't. She is able to command mechs, including the D374-TP (Deathtrap)."


"During a studio tour of Gearbox's Dallas offices, the developer showed us a work in progress build of the Mechromancer, planned to launch around 60 days after the game releases in September."

So, they are still working on the character even though right now they would be halting that work and be in full debug mode for next month's release at this time if it was going to be on disc.

dumahim2227d ago

It's not on disc. The game has been done and they've started work on the character, but won't be available until 60-90 days after launch.

LackTrue4K2227d ago

i love all of Borderlands DLC (mabe not so much the Arena one) but did like the rest. you can tell they all where made after there game releases. they all came like 3 months apart form each other. can't wait for this game to come out! :)