Why Video Games Can Be the Greatest Storytelling Mechanism of All

UM writes: I just finished with the first two of five chapters of Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game. I’d heard good things both from critics and friends (our own Dave Bast, for one), and I thought it might be worthwhile.

Turns out, everyone was right.

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MrDead2044d ago

I love Heavy Rain, I only know three other people that own the game but each of us has had different outcomes and experiences in the game.

The storytelling mechanism in that game is impressive with all the different outcomes with each scenario , it’s surprising how a small choice and change the game completely for each player .

Getowned2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

I love games like that where you can make choices and feel responsible for your actions. Story telling in games has improved a lot I agree. Mass Effect although a dissapointing end to a great franchise was great but didn't have as good as an effect on me as Heavy Rain and the walking Dead the game when making choices.

Speaking of The Walking Dead game it has been really good sofar I've actually replayed it over as much as I could to see the reacations from people when I made diffrent choices and some of them really shocked me from the ou tcome. Episode 2 of the walking dead game was really a huge shock to me at the end, I had suspected what they were up too but I didn't think thats what they were actually doing. I think the game really complements the show in a way you really get a feel for the hard choices they make, and the effects it can have on people not only as an individual but as a group.

Sofar I love games that push the story telling envelope, Even thought you dont make choices per say Uncharted deserves a mention in this topic.

If you dont have The Walking Dead Game yet get it, Buy the Season Pass, its worth it and really well done, telltale really did a good job, and this article was a good read.

****By the way this article has spoilers so don't click if you plan on buying The Walking Dead game.****