More Than A Reskin: What I Want From Upcoming & Next-Gen FPSes

It's high time that we as gamers stop accepting whatever is thrown at us, and ask for more than a reskin or a rehash of a 10 year old idea. That being said,here are 5 things that I want to see from upcoming and next-gen FPSes. ~ Nan Rymer

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OneAboveAll2167d ago

Agreed with 4. I always thought it would be cool to be playing BF and having 3 teams in the map competing against each other instead of red team and blue team.
You could form alliances (or not). It would be amazing.
Cross platform play for Xbox 720/PS4 should happen too.

I don't care if I have to pay $50 a year to play online while Sony players get to play for free. I want to kick their ass with my superior controller! THE FANBOY WARS COULD HAPPEN FOR REAL! lol

PhantomT14122167d ago

They'll have to twist the rules to make it intersting though. Or else, it wouldn't be much different from a standard 2 team versus other than the fact that each team has more enemies.

Zha1tan2167d ago

Planetside 2, PC game made by sony has a few of these down to a T.

Everyone who is interested in large scale warfare games should definetely look into it, even console players as it may even push you to go out and get a good mid range gaming PC.

It has thousands of players battling in a persistent continent which has a full day/night cycle and commanders hand down missons to platoon leaders who then hand them down to squads within their platoons so its a pretty deep command system.

It also features good customisation and since its a massive map it also features the battles happening in completely dynamis locations.

Its a few good steps up this list, so definetely worth reading up about and checking out, just watch total halibuts series on it, looks great.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

I want next gen shooters to be based off of pc. Console shooters have f**cked the industry & made everything with perks and hand holding. Which is the reason no console has any hardcore shooters. Oh yes planetside 2 will be amazing!

Ducky2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

1. Brink had a nice system where there were command outposts that you can capture. Capturing them would give your team either more supplies, or more health. I liked the idea, and hope more games did something similar too.

The Antenna in Caspian is actually pretty important. The cliffs nearby give a straight vantage point to B, while a tank also spawns there which helps in raiding C and E.
(This would be on PC, not sure how important Antenna is on consoles)

2. Weather effects might go well in single-player to create a cinematic experience but they don't go too well in a competitive setting. For casual TDM, perhaps having something like Uncharted3's sandstorm might work.
Destruction is a bit difficult. The destruction can either be scripted like BF3, which kinda loses its charm after a while, or physics-based, which can lead to interesting results but it often just creates a mess of rubble (like in RedFaction)

3. I prefer just the simple 'tag' customization that games have, rather than customizing the character itself. It works if the customization grants a bonus, such as a ghilly suit in BlackOps signifying that someone is running ghost, but doesn't work too well if it's just there to make you look unique (like TF2's insane amount of hats).

It also is an annoyance in class-based shooters if you can't read someone else's class quickly. Brink suffered from this since the customization was cool but you couldn't easily tell the class of an individual from their character, which is kinda needed in a competitive game.

Gender options usually cause problems. Female characters often have smaller body forms than males, which just leads to most players playing as a female so that they're harder to spot/shoot. It's a common theme in most shooters that do have the option.

4. Cross-platform between consoles would require Sony/MS/Nintendo to agree, I think. Having it console vs pc leads to the problem of controls (kb/m vs controller) as well as the hardware advantage. Still, I think one or two current-gen games do support console vs pc though (ShadowRun, and CS:Go was initially planned to be Ps3/PC crossplatform too) so perhaps we'll see more of it.

Multi-faction fighting sounds interesting. I'm a fan of smaller playercounts though, as you often don't get the same level of 'intimacy' with the players in larger playercounts.
Planetside2 might be a glimpse of what'll be possible next-gen in that sphere.

5. Yes please.

I don't know why I felt like writing such a long response. =/

Naners2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Really appreciate the detailed response. Thank you so much for reading and responding to my ramblings. Would like to respond in kind:

1) I gave A an example as something that could provide more than a snipe spot. I don't believe it even has a flag on Console, but regardless, it's a spot that could have a lot more significance just for what it is.

2) It's possible to say argue for the case of environment providing another facet to competition play too though in the form of map strategy. Do I navigate this shorter area with snow, or take this significantly longer straight away, for example.

3) In regards to customization, The Secret World (I know its an MMO) had the idea to provide for a good amount of customization outside of the a match, but provide uniforms for PVP showcasing the type of class the character is. (For example, tanks had a more armored look, DPS had a lighter jumpsuiut.) Both men and women have the same body types/shape/height, so neither gender was at more or less of an advantage, so something like this probably would affect competitive gameplay too much. As for gender, I didn't notice too much of a problem in Rainbow Six having a female character due to the base models being similar.

In casual gameplay, I think the more customization choices, the better--if someone chooses to wear a dumb hat, they're obviously asking to be found and killed.

4) Defiance is a cross platform TPS which identifies itself as a Shooter MMO. Might be another option though I'm not a fan of TPSes in general. The original Planetside was a bunch of fun but didn't quite catch on as much as I would have liked it to (too revolutionary for the time?), so I definitely hope that Planetside 2 does well since my platform of choice for FPS is the PC.

That being said, it's limited to the PC, and great games should be available for all, even console users. ;) Let's face it, PC gaming is an expensive hobby, and where a person on console might have spent the $300-500 initial investment over the 5+ years they've had the console, I know that I've spent at least 4x that as a PC gamer over half that period.

Bah, sorry for adding more words to your more words!