Nintendo Patent Application Reveals Wii Remote and GamePad Versus Wii Remote and TV Multiplayer

Nintendo World Report writes, "A Nintendo patent application reveals a unique multiplayer method, involving two players using Wii Remotes to fire crossbows with one player viewing the TV and the other viewing the Wii U GamePad's screen.

This method of multiplayer is shown in the patent in both cooperative and competitive form. The competitive multiplayer functions much like a traditional split-screen multiplayer game would, except each player has their own screen, which solves the problem of traditional console games where players can peek at opponents' screens while playing split-screen multiplayer."

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2197d ago

You knew this had to be true capable.
There was also a diagram that showed that you could Drag-and-Drop items to and from the Game Pad and the TV- using the Wiimote.

Jadedz2197d ago

That's why I believe the WIi U will be a big hit. There are a lot of people who own a Wii already, and they'll be willing to upgrade because they'll soon find out that the majority of Wii software and Wii accessories, will function on the Wii U! :P

kingofe32197d ago

You know, this looks pretty damn interesting. I really want to see this in gameplay.

teedogg802197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Ok Wii finally have my attention now. This will be the first Nintendo product I have bought since the N64.

jboy2197d ago

Yes no stone left unturned nintendo, sounds good

"Eat it Fanboys"