Steve Blackman Scheduled To Be In WWE '13?

According to a newsletter posted by PWInsider, Steve Blackman is scheduled to be in WWE '13.

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OneAboveAll1985d ago

If he's in that would be awesome. The guy is (imo) a hardcore legend. His match against Shane McMahon was legendary!

I also hope to see Raven. He was always fun to watch too!

Relientk771985d ago

Steve Blackman is dangerous, I would never want to get into a fight with him lol

labaronx1985d ago

sounds better and better with each announcement

Cra2yey31985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Yeah if he's in the game great, same with Kurt angle, but if the gameplay isn't fun, which wwe12 wasn't, these announcements mean nothing.

labaronx1985d ago

we should be hearing more real soon

robparko1985d ago

Considering that WWE 13 is supposed to have an Attitude Era theme, Steve Blackman being in is definitely possible.

Christo1984d ago

One guy I really want in is Ahmed Johnson.