Are Tablets like the iPad Poised to Dethrone Game Consoles?

Time - Thank you, Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, the guys behind the bleeding-edge PC shooter Crysis, for confirming in so many words what I’ve been saying for years: Tablet-gaming is here, and it’s a clear and present threat to console gaming.

Said Yerli in a VG24/7 interview: “The current generations are drying out and the longer we wait for the next generation of consoles, the higher the likelihood that they could fall behind tablets in terms of being the first thing people reach for when the time comes to play games. Tablets are putting pressure on the gaming industry, and taking over in some ways, so that should be kept in mind.”

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Losyak2235d ago

If PC gaming couldn't dethrone consoles back in the 90's-start of 2000, I don't see how a tablet could.

fear882235d ago

Except tablets and phone games have seen tremendous growth while the gaming industry as a whole has seen year on year declines for the past 4 years.

Developers have a daunting hurdle to overcome just to get publisher recognition compared to a self published tablet game. The patching and support process is streamlined and costs nothing compared to consoles too.

Talented developers are looking into these platforms to establish themselves instead of on consoles which is the biggest threat. And tablet gaming is only going to get better as time goes on. Developers will grow in size, budget, and ambition which will result in better games. Developers are flocking to the platform like many did when the PS1 and NES back in their day.

Eventually it will end up being hybridized and we will have dedicated accessories to meet out gamepad needs while delivering an absolute console experience instead of the games we are seeing. And eventually Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will adapt to the change in market dynamic or be at risk of going out of business.

Its a truth at this time unfortunately but its happening regardless of whether I want it to.

raytraceme2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

No one seems to care about quality anymore its all just gimmicks that everyone care about nowadays. Social and mobile gaming is a bunch of junk. If anything of this sort happens then gaming will take a huge leap back.

However Xbox and PlayStation are 2 brands that have an edge over the I products when it comes to the younger people. I just don't get why these idiotic companies don't brand their phones with the logos.

I'm pretty sure an Xbox phone or a PlayStation phone (not that play crap) which had specs comparable to something like the vita or higher and had dedicated games for it would greatly outsell other phones on the market just because of the Xbox or PlayStation name.

greenpowerz2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I don't think Tablets can be a threat to consoles because they can never enter the console realm with the same versatility prowess and capability of performance(for the time being).

They will always be in another market due to their size and concept/design. Like Handheld vs consoles.

You can pack more hardware in Consoles and add peripherals easier without adding cost because of adapters for things like Disc drives and Motion tech etc.

20 years from now you could see consoles no longer needing to be any bigger than current tablets due to cloud and no physical media. Everything will be much more powerful and computer parts radically smaller. Why not build a multi purpose device like a tablet-onlive console hybrid. Everything will have ALLSHARE/MEDIASHARE capability anyways, with all electronics.

Who knows though, mobile devices evolve much faster than consoles can and leapfrog them due to there frequency of generational evolution compared to consoles.

When I want to power down my HT gear and only want to watch some videos I use my HTC thunderbolt and the Imediashare app turning my phone into a media server for Allshare and HDTV.

Only a matter of time before tablets do this with gaming(in a limited capacity of course)

ipe2235d ago

No it didnt.
2012 is first year that saw yoy decline, so stop posting garbage.

Consoles re in seventh year, of course slowdown must happen.

PoSTedUP2235d ago

is this a serious question or are they just ******* with me?

KMCROC542235d ago

(JMO)One major issue i for see is the kind of battery these devices will need. cause last i checked the longest battery duration time was 10 hrs & if i have to plug it in , mighty as well continue playing my games on a console

LAZL0-Panaflex2235d ago

Tablets are also a fraction of the cost of a gaming PC are more mobile& does a hell of a lot of things. They already sell more than consoles its just people aren't gaming hardcore on it yet. How ever when call of duty and gears etc make its appearance its over.

joeorc2234d ago

"And eventually Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will adapt to the change in market dynamic or be at risk of going out of business. "

The CEO of Sony just put the Playstation part of the company into it's Mobile div. the reason is not a shocker, just at what you just stated. the Mobile market has really grown, and ARM Cortex chipset's are really a driving force for development due to their advanced nature in handling the higher end game designs that really only PC's was able to handle just a few year's ago due to the GPU in mobile devices was not powerful enough, and since it's the main component for being one of the most important component's in Gaming requirement's for advanced
3d accelerated games mobile devices could not handle the advanced physic's , lighting, particle effects and advanced shader model's among other thing's, Now on the other hand you do have Mobile chipset's far enough in advance that today they can handle those advanced technologies inside the SOC GPU's.

all three companies know this, Both Sony and Micriosoft are moving toward that very point, Nintendo is a lil bit slower in it's moving, but they will get there.

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FragGen2235d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

You know... I used to dis tablet/phone gaming pretty heavily but TBH, since then I've gotten an NVIDIA Tegra 3 based pad.

It has 720p HDMI output, hardware 3D, and supports a Dual Shock 3 via bluetooth natively. I can play Shadowgun and Dead Trigger on this thing on the go and then hook it up @ home and play the same software console style at home. I can play multiplayer online games like Modern Combat 3, etc. I only pay for the apps once and many of them I can play on my phone on the go without buying a separate handheld version.

The Android based Ouya console raised $7M in just a short period of time and is expected to debut early next year @ $99. I will already own a large library of compatible software for it on day 1 since it is running an OS I already have been using for a few years. Anything I would buy for it would work on my tablet and phone.

My tablet has a keyboard dock. I can play old DOS or other PC style games on it with a mouse and KB. I can unhook it and set it by the TV and use it as a netflix/HTPC box. I can pair the Dual Shock to it and console game. I can take it to work and connect to the network and edit stuff. It's getting weird.

I think in the future, we're likely to just carry our personal CPU around with us and plug it in wherever we go and most of the data will be in the cloud. That paradigm has some downsides but I think that's where things are going for most users.

Touch controls STILL suck, BTW. But, nowadays "tablet" does not automatically equal touch screen. I love my X360 and PS3, I know those brands will continue for at least a couple more generations but the writing may be on the wall. Or maybe they may have morphed into something unrecognizable by the time we see a PS5.

avengers19782234d ago

tablets and smartphones just are not powerful enough to replace PC, and Consoles... They are nice pieces of tech, but they are more an additional thing you can game on, not something that is going to replace the other options.
When someone comes out and says here's "Battlefield 4" for PC, WIIU, PS3, 360, and phones and tablets, and it's the same game, then let's talk about tablets and phones taking down consoles.

taquito2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )


pc HAS dethroned consoles, it makes more money than ps3/360/psp/ps2 combined as of right now, if you add in wii and ds then it is outgunned a bit

but one gaming platform smashing ps3/360/psp/vita/ps2 all together is pretty badass

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OneAboveAll2235d ago

At first I was like "lol" and then I serioused.

I can't stand playing games in phones or ipads. I do not like my hands getting in the way of the screens. It's just a stupid novelty, a gimmick.

Hopefully gaming on mobile devices such as phones and pads comes to an end. The games aren't even that damn good. They play dumb little games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. OOO MAN those games are SO HARDCORE... /s

Nothing will kill home consoles. NOTHING! NOOOOOOTHING!

ChickeyCantor2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

You are missing the point.

Angry birds costs NOTHING to make compared to those AAA games. Rovio, the guys behind angry birds probably made MORE money compared to the big budget projects. Triple A games cost millions to make. The risk attached to it is severe. While Rovio probably made 2000% profit in their first half year.

Business isn't a game itself. I don't see why any company wants to spend so much money and then has to hope their game is not going to fail.

OneAboveAll2235d ago

No, I think you missed the point. Point being is that games like Angry Birds have no depth, story or long lasting appeal. Not to mention NO solid multiplayer components.

They are just stupid little arcade games that are made for people who hate their job and want something to do while being yelled at by their boss.

pad/phone games will NEVER... EVER, be on the same level as PC/Console games. I don't care that some guy made it in his basement over night and made bank, the amount of money he made doesn't make the game good now does it?

No it doesn't.

joeorc2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

"No, I think you missed the point. Point being is that games like Angry Birds have no depth, story or long lasting appeal. Not to mention NO solid multiplayer components."

I think what you and other's are missing, is the very point of what the market trends are going, right now, there is no point of trying to look at the dedicated gaming market as just Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft anymore. that's long gone the reason being, is that every company that makes a topset box, or Advanced smart TV can and will put powerful chipset's in these consumer product's that can and will and Have already changed the market dynamic's of the existing console market.

Samsung and Vizio are prime example's of what is happening right now. Smart TV's now have Advanced Networking, firmware flash updating and Google TV software stack by topset box, or directly on the TV's internal chipset's.

Many TV's remote's are mini tablet's or mini Keyboards with slide touch sense mouse for control, all that's really missing is game Pad's which some smart TV's are already getting CES 2012 showed off many.

again what you and other's are missing which sidar,FragGen, and Me are pointing out is the change is not somthing that may happen it's happening right now!

you pointed this out!

"pad/phone games will NEVER... EVER, be on the same level as PC/Console games."

tell that to "thatgamecompany" or other companies like them, just because the change in hardware dynamic's is happening, does not mean the software will go by default to being any less designed as a PC/Game console design for game software. what many are really over looking is exaclty how advanced those ARM Cortex chipset's really are.

when your smartphone and Tablet can run an entire full PC OS and still run it fast, you know it's not the same type of "Mobile market" it was durring something like the Nguage or the DS or the PSP market.

Ubuntu on Android:

is a great example, my smartphone from over a year ago is ready for this when it releases. smartphone chipset's are not only in advanced multi-core chip's but advanced multi-core gpu's right on the chip with it's CPU, so no need to pas through another latency block during a clock computing cycle.

these mobile chipset's can handle direct X 11+, and shader model 4+, and the GPU's along with the cpu core's are each core running upto 2.5 GHz on a mobile platform. this is not the mobile devices dynamic's from a few year's back this is the mobile devices of right here right now and into the next year and so on an so forth.

ShadowHoundXW2233d ago


Yeah and while tablets and mobile devices are busy trying to catch up with and compare with consoles, consoles would also have moved on. Did you REALLY think that while tablets and mobile devices developed, technology of consoles would remain at a standstill, waiting for them to catchup? By the time mobile devices reach anywhere near current console standards, consoles would not only be huge multimedia beasts that plays games, but also have moved onto much better quality in their games.

ChickeyCantor2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Whether you think it's stupid or not is completely irrelevant to the fact that the industry sees profit in it.

The fact Angry birds sold so much is an implication that its good to a certain market. It SELLS that's what these companies care about. It got so successful that it was being promoted with new phones and what not. It's a goldmine.

I didn't miss the point, you don't seem to get that it's never been about your personal feelings. The reason this platform, mobile gaming, is important to many developers is because it's easier to get money from it then their current approach. Far less risks involved.

Whether it's a good game or not, money is money.

I'm not saying I want those mobile games, what I'm saying is that the industry will move where the money is.

The fact that you don't get this, shows you have no sense of reality.

Again, I don't want those games, but i'm not going to pretend that I don't understand that money talks.

representj2235d ago

what a retarted article lol
are you freakin kidding me "tables are about to dominate the console market"
The last time i check lol the majority of the tablets can't even handle uncharted one lol

blakstarz2235d ago

You must be playing the wrong games, there are some seriously good games on a tablet. Have you played Shadow Guardian? That in itself is close to Uncharted and plays and looks very well.

Will tablets replace consoles? I highly doubt it, if anything handhelds units like Vita, 3DS should be worried.

ShadowHoundXW2233d ago

Hmm...... let's take a look alright? Uncharted golden abyss vita, with shadow guardian, phones and tablet. First off graphics! Lighting effects, dynamics, environments, details and animation. Uncharted Vita BEATS THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF SHADOW GUARDIAN. Two, Gameplay on Uncharted, numerous amounts of realistic animations, parkour from object to object, shoot various different guns with a cover mechanic. Platforming is fun to do in uncharted as well. Shadow guardian has quirky animations, 2 or 3 different movements, guns that sound like pea shooters and crappy environmental effects and objects, plus crappy finger covering on screen vision. The story is shitty and generic to boot. I could go on more in depth but i think thats more than enough info to determine how far mobile gaming is from portable devices right? And give the vita a break, being out for 6 months compared to mobile devices with years to work on its technology shouldnt be compared so quickly.

joeorc2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )


"By the time mobile devices reach anywhere near current console standards, consoles would not only be huge multimedia beasts that plays games, but also have moved onto much better quality in their games."

once again, you are missing what is happening right now in the entire consumer electronic's industry!

once again, i know im going to get disagree's, but im trying to tell you something an it seem's many are not paying attention, to the real problem in the game console market right now. it's being disrupted.

forget looking at this only from the gamer's perspective, and look at this from a industry wide perspective in consumer Electronic's.

you pointed this out:

"Yeah and while tablets and mobile devices are busy trying to catch up with and compare with consoles, consoles would also have moved on."

you know that lil fantastic white box made by Nintendo, its a game console, and today many of the smartphones and Tablet's and Smart TV's all have chipset's that are more robust and more powerful than the Wii!

that my friend is what you and other's are overlooking.

so even though Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony move on, it still does not take away from the fact right now, every company that makes a :

Smart TV
topset DVD box
streaming entertainment box
smart Phone
and Tablet
Apple TV
Android powered devices

are all running the same advanced chipset's able to surpass a dedicated game console machine, now that may not mean much to you, and yes the next game machines may be order of magnitude higher spec's than these chipset's are right now.

the fact of the matter is:
samsung,sharp,toshiba,vizio,p anasonic,oppo,coby,etc name a freaking electronic's topset, box or smart tv maker and you can bet they are going to be making one of these ARM Cortex powered device's.

When , Sony and Nintendo and Microsoft have to drive to sell Software to people, not just only Gamer's, and they are competing in a market flooded by pretty much every manuf. that is making TV's with a game console built right into it, when you buy your TV, what do you think is going to happen?

this market has already been disrupted, you and other's can ignore it all you want, but you know it's been disrupted when Microsoft is making surface tablet's and putting in xboxlive and xbox game's onto Touch Tablet's, you know its been disrupted when sony is making the Playstation Mobile platform a prime platform and having sony 1st party game developer's making playstation Game that are running on not only their hardware but also other company's hardware outside of just Sony only hardware.

when every company outside of Nintendo ,Sony or Microsoft can have a game console built right into their hardware that is quite more robust than the Wii , The Market is no longer about just the big three anymore in the gaming space.

MasterCornholio2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Yeah and at the end of every year you have to rush to the apple store to buy a new ipad to be able to play the latest of games. With the same amounts of money you could buy the latest graphics card for your PC instead of an underpowered iPad.

But seriously I prefer gaming on consoles because with consoles im guaranteed that a game that I have bought will work on it.


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