The Game is the Same and the Rules Don’t Change—So Why Do the Controls?

Kotaku - In basketball, it was the three-point line, or the reintroduction of the zone defense. In baseball, it's the designated hitter, or an All-Star game played for stakes. In American football, it's instant replay, or the two-point conversion, or moving the goal posts to the back of the end zone. All sports have confronted and incorporated epochal changes in how they are played, many within our lifetimes.

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rbailey2195d ago

Great article Owen and I agree with your points. No doubt NBA 2k13 will be under alot of pressure but I would expect there to be even more changes then just the stick functionality by the time the game drops.

ChunkyLover532194d ago

The controls change so people feel like they are playing a new game. Believe it or not, people will complain if they keep EVERYTHING the same every year.

2pacalypsenow2194d ago

i was planning on getting live this year but the lack of footage has me in the 2k side