“XBOX Durango Development Kit” Sells For $20,000

Kotaku - The nondescript black PC tower that its seller claims is a Durango (ie, the next Xbox console) development kit has now been sold. The winning bid? Oh, a trifling $20,100.

For that price, the buyer has either got themselves an unexpectedly early look at the future of the Xbox brand or the world's most expensive office computer.

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-Mezzo-2111d ago

Hope the buyer releases some details about it.

And it would suck if he just paid 20K for a Gaming Rig.

HebrewHammer2111d ago

I'm amazed Microsoft has yet to intervene either.

tehpees32111d ago

They'll probably make sure the package gets "lost" in the post.

tachy0n2111d ago

who knows, maybe microsoft themselves bought it. O.o

dark-hollow2111d ago

what if one of microsoft employees is buying this kit so nobody can leak anything?

Shadonic2111d ago

They already have Marcus and master chief on the job tracking the package it'll never reach the buyer

EeJLP-2111d ago

"This listing was ended by the seller because the item was sold."

It didn't sell for $20,100. The auction was ended early. Either it didn't sell at all because it doesn't exist, he got a nice message from Microsoft's lawyers, or someone contacted him and said, hey, end it now and I'll give you $50k. Either way, it didn't sell for $20,100. It still had like 5 days left I think.

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SixZeroFour2111d ago

would be worse if he got an empty pc case

on a side note...why is it that when you look at the bid history, you see the same person bidding himself up with multiple ppl doing the same...just screams BS for some reason

NexGen2111d ago

That's the "autobid to a certain limit" option. It looks like you're just overbidding yourself, but that's your autobid kicking in. It doesn't show the person your autobid beat.

SixZeroFour2110d ago

ah ic...i dont use ebay, so i never knew how that worked

rbailey2111d ago

Still surprised this kit sold for that much and I wonder what Microsoft would do in the future to try and prevent these things from happening. Still from the image alone though, you already know the next console won't look like that.

-Mezzo-2111d ago

Dev Kit's have always looked similar to that, of-course the final Next-Gen console won't look like that.

OneAboveAll2111d ago

No they haven't. The Xbox 360 dev-kit looks just like the original Xbox 360. The only difference is that it has a massive Hard Drive on it. As you can see here-

Blankman852111d ago

Lol that hard drive is disgusting, for lack of a better word.

Ben_Grimm2111d ago

I remember the original xbox dev kits, they looked like the xbox but they were transparent green. Really ugly.

Have you seen the Wii dev kits? Now those look nothing like the Wii.

Rhythmattic2111d ago

The Original Alpha Xbox 360 Dev Kits where a Apple Mac G5 PPC running a NT kernel... It Obviously looked nothing like a 360 SKU

Interestingly , the 360 ended being a copy of a Dell PC form factor....

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Shadonic2111d ago

Probably still working on designs.

smashcrashbash2111d ago

Yeah right. As if Microsoft would ever let anyone leak and take their development kit before the system is even released without intervening. I call BS. Who ever brought that is probably will be on his knees crying once he finds out he was swindled

Agent_00_Revan2111d ago

I hope the buyer enjoys his $20k Alienware computer.....which is actually a pretty fair price for those PoS.

showtimefolks2111d ago

that's pretty cheap right? My understanding was these devs kits cost millions of dollars. I hope both MS and Sony develop a developer friendly console yet still move the tech forward

Jazz41082111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I dont think you have to worry about microsoft. They use straight up pc archetecture. Its sony that comes up with this emotion engine and cell crap that most developers that are not on sonys payroll have spoke out against.

showtimefolks2111d ago

you can look at Vita and see that sony has learned that making development harder isn't good for business. so i am expecting a very user friendly console that's still gonna have high end tech hopefully

and why the disagrees for me asking a questions? this shit on N4G with stealth trolling has to stop

n4g heaven for fanboys

smashcrashbash2111d ago

Ummmm....yeah how exactly did Sony get into this conversation? Just because you have a chip on your shoulder about Sony for what ever reason doesn't mean you can fly off topic for any reason.

IronFistChinMi2111d ago

You got disagrees because dev kits don't cost millions. The 360 dev kit was around $20,000 I believe.

ZoyosJD2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I didn't disagree, but the reasoning would be the same. You implied something that was factually incorrect. You sure aren't going to get agrees for that.

They don't cost millions. For example, the PS3 and 360 dev kits at launch costs were approximately $20,000 and $18,000 and was priced at $2,000 and $1,600 back in 2009 respectively.

Qrphe2111d ago

No dude, this doesn't look legit; it's fake.

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