Girl Gamers: We Do Exist

Girl gamers are about half the gaming population, and they are growing fast.

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Daymon2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )


If you count all the housewives playing games on facebook... maybe. Which I think that percentage is factoring in.

Edit: According to this article, 80% of "girl gamers" prefer the wii over the ps3/360.

Point proven.

AbyssGravelord2164d ago

Don't hit on me silly boys.

knowyourstuff2164d ago

Female gamers do exist, they're called casual gamers, and they are the market that has been growing as per the article's statistics. They have grown because of the Wii explosion of popularity, the explosion of minigame facebook popularity, but I'm sure if you're reading this, you're neither of those things.

Casual gamers don't read gaming sites, and they don't read reviews. They play what their friends are playing, and what gets marketed to them outside of typical game marketing channels like gaming websites and Spike TV. This is why shovelware sells so well on the Wii, or at least it did, until the fickle casual audience got bored and now Nintendo is left trying to look for another answer, which it thinks is the Wii U given the explosive popularity of tablets.

The article suggests that women are kicking butt in gaming, but really, all they're doing is swinging Wii remotes here and there, and largely playing Farmville and other Facebook and iPhone games.

Bobby Kotex2164d ago Show
jeseth2164d ago

Only when "girl gamers" stop pointing out they are female will they get any respect.

Just be a gamer.

I don't give a sh!t you have a pu$$y ... but now that I know it, I feel better about winning and I'm gonna trash you on the mic.

Be a gamer. Don't look for attention by telling us you're a girl.

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WeskerChildReborned2165d ago

Maybe their are some girls who don't go the obvious route that put "girl" in their gamertags. Idk, all i know is that their seems to be alot of more male gamers than female gamers.

CrimsonessCross2165d ago

Agreed. The ones who do...well still, you never know who's behind the username. I'd say the majority of them that do are looking for attention doing that. The others might have their own reason.

jeseth2164d ago

Thats because there are a lot more male gamers than female.

I have 3 legit chicks I play with. Which is about 5% of my friends lists.

By legit I mean really good players ... not attention grubbing brats.

Soldierone2165d ago

Agreed. was in Gamestop and there was some girl attempting to flirt and she was like "oh my god I love video games so much!!!!" then she goes to the Gamestop person and says "do you have mario or Sonic on the 360?!?! Those games rock!" lmao

On the other hand though, the Gamestop person was also a girl and she actually played video games. Had a nice conversation about Metal Gear after flirty brat left the store lol

Ace_Pheonix2165d ago

A girl that can hold a conversation about Metal Gear? Do tell.

robparko2164d ago

There's a girl at my local EB Games that knows here shit as well. It's a nice change of pace.

holscher82822165d ago

Yes, I do think that a lot of the stats are due to mobile gaming, etc, but at least it is letting women get their foot in the door of gaming.

ATi_Elite2165d ago

No Shite!

They are all playing League of Legends, DayZ, DotA2, and Tera Online right now!!!!

I just got CRUSHED by several in DotA2.

(Made some new Skype Honey's so losing was worth it)

SilentNegotiator2164d ago

"Made some new Skype Honey's"

Milk just came out my nose.

Daymon2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Lmao, skype honeys, you're not doing PC gamers any favors by posting this comment brah. Most people already think PC Gaming = Virginity solidly intact.

avengers19782165d ago

I personally know some 80-90 people that play games, add my friends list from my PSN account 50 more... let's call it 135... out of that 135... 3 from my psn account are for a fact girls (4 more claim to be) so ill give it 7 and personally know 9 so 16 out of 135=12%(and Im rounding up) I live in NW Ohio so my demographic is probably different from some one in L.A. or Europe or Asia, but i figure that is alot closer than the 50%
Note: One of the most well informed people that work at the Gamestop I go to is female.


Of course they are probably considering every piece of gaming industry here, which is OK with me, my sister play a lot of mini web based games, some RTS and The Sims. In some periods she invest more time in games than me, so it's hard to call her casual just because her taste is different than mine.

What bugs me is, if they are 50%, why the hell segregate themselves and go for the "specific group" gamer label? We're all gamers. Can't we call it a day and move on?

Now if we're talking developers, that's a different matter. I believe the industry could use more female devs, specially in lead design areas of highly marketed games. If we look at movies or books it's easy to understand why some games don't have the appeal over women. And the more the merrier, diversity is never a bad thing.

Dee_912164d ago

welcome to 1999

@daymon and what point was that ?
That just because they enjoy casual games that makes them less a gamer ?I like casual games... as a matter of fact casual games introduced me to more hardcore games.

Daymon2164d ago

>Because they enjoy casual games that makes them less of a gamer.

Yes and no, it's the fact that they play ONLY casual games/shovelware that makes them less of a gamer.

Dee_912164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Well 1.thats not a fact.They dont only play casual games
2.Liking a certain type or style of gaming shouldnt make anyone less of a gamer.
If my sister plays angry birds and that restaurant game more than I play gt5 and cod she is just as much of a gamer as me.
It doesnt matter what game it is.A game is a game

Gamer19822164d ago

Girl gamers exist but they ain't super hot like most men think as thee super hotties are out clubbing etc.. A lot use games for modelling purposes I see it all the time claiming there massively into games and then flash there bodies at every opportunity.

jeeves862164d ago

By your logic, you're a sweaty, socially awkward dork, just like the rest of the gaming community.

THESONYPS32164d ago

I always find that female gamers are just looking for attention when they go on. They think guys will like them joining in. I rarely find a girl gamer but when I do they seem to just like the attention though they get put down for sucking at game etc.

Shadowstar2164d ago

Comments like this are why I use voice modulation in games so people assume I'm 10, or just don't chat at all.

geddesmond2164d ago

Dam lady if the dude behind the counter barely looked at you its because your man was with you and he probably didn't want to offend him. News flash miss writer when a dude looks at a girl 90% of the time we are checking yous out. Ain't nothing to do with you being a female but woman are paranoid like that. So stop with the girl power BS already lol.

Maybe if woman stopped giving out to us men all the time about playing video games and maybe we'll realize a lot more girls play video games than we think.

showtimefolks2164d ago

One thing is for sure there are more males gamers than female and that's because we as boys grew up with gaming so we still do it. Also me thing I never liked in gaming is ow every females game character has to have big boobs or bg butt and look more like a porn star than a gaming heroine.

I think developers have to do a better job of getting female gamers interested in more core games. Females gamers are interested in games just look at all the iPad or Facebook games along with 3ds and wii games like cooking mama etc, so if a game tries to reach out to a female audience I think it can be successful.

I read somewhere that a lot of Mae gamers don't prefer a female as a main character so there are many sides to this story.

Right now we have a small percentage of females gamers and rest if them are casual gamers. No offense

Horny2164d ago

You also have to factor in that this gen wireless controllers came standard so now they can play from the kitchen.

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Getowned2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

how many of these article do we get a year.. I think it's at least once a month, it's getting really annoying, in a few weeks time I'm sure will have an article about lesbian and gay gamers too *sigh* Yes we know Girl gamers, lesbian gamers, and gay gamers exist..We dont care nor think about them 24/7 infact its more close to never that we think of them, unless another of these articles pop up. This is such a tired topic.

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AngelicIceDiamond2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Yes I know, I was talking to one of yall lastnight.

amandadyar2165d ago

Great article. I created my own magazine called BioGamer Girl a couple years back, because there were no other magazines dedicated to girl gamers other than the dreadful Nintendo Magazine. Real girl gamers exist, and they can kick butt just as well as the guys!

Neckbear2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

That is fascinating, but your logic is flawed:

One, a video game magazine is exactly that, genderless. It pertains to the hobby in itself, and only the hobby. Or well, it should, but thanks to people like you such standard is apparently an utopian fantasy.

Second, most males who play video games never "kick butt" (referring to the expression in all its juvenile whole), unless they're pubescent, stupid, or mayhaps both. I'm quite sure we refer to that as, uh, "playing games", a term that is undoubtedly too complicated, refined and eloquent for you and your kin, or so it would seem...

Brosy2164d ago

You are an angry little man. I've got a 17 year old sister who games. And I would bet my left nut she could take you to school on Halo or COD. She kicks my ass and has been since she was about 10 years old. I'd bet on my sister over anyone on this website.

The girl was just expressing her love of games. Sure she ribbed a little, but you act like she kicked your dog or something. Grow up for crying out loud.

ShinraE52164d ago

Amen. Women like her are whats WRONG for the gaming community, not whats right.

I am proud that my friends, male and female, dont make seperate magazines, clans, sessions, etc.

They learned as a child to play together, not apart. And unity comes from being united, not seperated.

And I lol'd at the refined and eloquent part. You made my day sir !

Christopher2164d ago

***Or well, it should, but thanks to people like you such standard is apparently an utopian fantasy. ***

Actually, it's typically thanks to men that magazines focus on male topics and likes...

karlowma2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Nvm, I'll be nice.

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DigitalRaptor2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Sorry Missy but anyone who calls themselves a "gamer girl" is just looking for attention. Whether it's special treatment, to impress guys or just to use it as bait for something or other.

Just be a gamer without attaching gender tropes to your hobby and you'd be much cooler in my eyes.


You can't be serious... I'm not homophobic or anti-gay but what's the freakin point in that?. Why attach sexuality to a hobby that has nothing to do with sex? No offense meant but that's pretty silly. It's like creating a fan club for snowboarders who have a passion for apples. Unless you're planning to promote homosexuality in games themselves, there's no point.

2164d ago
Lord_Sloth2164d ago

We know. You won't stop writing articles about how awesome your gender is. It's very annoying.

Christopher2164d ago

I find it amazing to see so many men telling women to act normal when normal to them is not necessarily normal to others.

"Why can't you act like other gamers?"

"Well, I guess I could. I'll start saying "Boobs!" and "Dat Ass!" in submissions with half-naked chicks as the submission icon. I can troll about consoles in some worthless console war that gets us nowhere except to call each other immature names. I can play the games that you guys tell me to play and how you tell me to play them. I'll do this all, I'll change who I am, just so I can be "normal"!"

I find you guys a bit ridiculous. We sit here each week debating one's opinion on a video game review and then we act like that opinion doesn't affect so much more or is based on many factors that make us up. You know, like our sex, race, background, friends, and so on. And then you, while you sit there and share your opinions that are based on who you are, try to tell others to not be who they are or share who they are in a way that others will understand that we're all different for many reasons but not because of our sex.


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