High Moon Studios "Fall of Cybertron is the definitive Transformers game of all time"

A little while back, we were lucky enough to gain the chance to sit down and chat we three of High Moon Studios’ finest: Greg Agius, Dave Cravens and Peter Della Penna. Don’t know High Moon? Well, they’re only the developers of Transformers: War For Cybertron, a title largely considered to be the best Transformers game ever.With Fall of Cybertron now days away, here is your last chance to read up on all the nitty gritty details as we talk about variety, variety and even more variety.

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OneAboveAll2229d ago

Can't wait to pick this up next week and play some coop! :D

Septic2229d ago

This has co-op?! Damn didn't know that!

I played the demo and absolutely loved it. I was kicking ass online as well. I never got to play War of Cybertron either. I'm gonna buy and complete that first then play this.

Zha1tan2229d ago

It doesnt have a co-op campaign just a co-op escalation mode which they did in the first game and yes it was copied from gears 2 but they improved it so much by adding in bosses (before epic) and adding in a credit system so you actually had to buy your way through the rest of the map to reach the really juicy upgrades.

Cerberus292229d ago

As much as I've played the demo, I would have to say he is correct.

Zha1tan2229d ago

I can only fault the presentation slightly and when i have as much fun as I do on the demo i totally forget about the graphics but then again I am jusdging the graphics of a 1GB demo that has 2 full SP missions and a MP component, not many demos offer that in such a small size!

jukins2229d ago

i want to get this but i'll have to see if hms actually fixes the graphical problems from the ps3 version as they said they would.

MilkMan2229d ago

Played the demo and although I thought it was cute. I'll wait for it to hit the bins before I pick this up. Its not $65 dollar game. Not even in a wet dream.
Of course, if you are a Transformer fan and absolutely MUST have it, that's another matter altogether.