We Have To Do Something, Or Ni No Kuni Will Get Overlooked

Although the JRPG fanatics will probably get it, that group is getting small in number. And the competition might completely blot out Level-5's latest.

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Relientk772196d ago

It hasnt been overlooked by me, I am buying it for sure

it looks amazing

Deadpool6162196d ago

I've had my eye on it. Anything Studio Ghibli is involved with gets my attention.


Pre ordered the wizard edition, I hope its as brilliant as it looks and that it performs well enough to ensure we keep getting these type of jrpgs loca

izumo_lee2196d ago

I understand the issue the writer of this article suggests. Unless your name is Final Fantasy or Squarenix many JRPGs that are really good can get overlooked by the everyday gamer. If you are a hardcore JRPG gamer than it is a given this game is on your radar but if you are not than it will unfortunately be overshadowed by other games & that is the sad state in gaming this gen.

JRPGs are just not as popular as they once were.