HardGame2's best of 2007: Xbox 360

HardGame2, one of the most important Spanish (and european) web of videogames, has published the List of the best games in the last 2007 on Xbox 360.

Best Game of the Year -> Mass Effect
Second best Game of the Year-> Bioshock
Third best Game of the Year-> Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Other Awards:
1. Best Action Game: Bioshock
2. Best Adventure Game: Lost Planet
3. Best Miscellaneous Game: Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock
4. Best Sports Game: NBA 2K8
5. Best Fight Game: Virtua Fighter 5
6. Best Role Game: Mass Effect
7. Best Racing Game: Project Gotham Racing 4
8. Best History: Mass Effect
9. Best Graphics: Mass Effect
11. Best Music: Ace Combat 6 Fires of Liberation
12. Best Sound: Bioshock
13. Best Gameplay: Call of Duty 4
14. Best Sequel: The Orange Box
15. Best Dubbing: Bioshock
16. Most Innovative Game: Skate
17. Game Revelation: Bioshock
18. More Addictive Game: Halo 3
19. Best Atmosphere: Bioshock
20. Best Conversion: Command & Conquer 3
21. Best Multiplayer Experience: Halo 3
22. Best Spanish edition: Cliver Barker's Jericho
23. Best Game of the Year for the readers of HardGame2: Mass Effect

In few days, HardGame2 will publish the best of 2007 on PS2.

Best of 2007 on PlayStation 3:
Best of 2007 on PSP:
Best of 2007 on Wii:
Best of 2007 on PC:
Best of 2007 on NDS:

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Batusai3851d ago

I love Mass Effect (one of the best games I ever played) and I love Bioshock. If you play (and finish) these games, you will say that Halo 3 and others don't offer the high great experiences that offers Bioware and Irrational's Games.

Columbo3851d ago

I would have to agree with you regarding Mass Effect. I don't even really like RPG style games, but this game caught my interest and I'm still playing it. Bioshock was great too. I highly recommend both games.

FCOLitsjustagame3851d ago

Whats funny, when I first started playing Mass Effect I thought it was good but would not be my GOTY, bioshock or COD4 would be. But sometime in my 2nd or 3rd playthrough I changed my mind and even in my 4th playthrough when I got 1000 achievment points, I still wasnt sick of the game. So yes, now I can easily see it as GOTY, graphic hicups and all.

tony3851d ago

bioshock and call of duty are 2 games that will make us remember 2007 in gaming. orange box was great too. mass effect, well, its not my kind of game, but i can see why people like that much. anyways, what a year was.