Dragon's Dogma 2: Changes We Want To See

"With the possible sequel to Dragon's Dogma up in the air, it has to make us wonder what kind of changes we'd be seeing in future installments. For the first game in it's (possible) series, Dragon's Dogma really made me say 'Wow, this could become the next major Capcom hit.' Capcom recently reported an increase in revenue, owing much of their success to Dragon's Dogma which sold over 1 million units. With so much DLC being released, sales and revenue remained steady. If Capcom has any sense of what kind of appeal this game really had for so many gamers out there, they'd start working on the sequel (if they haven't already)"

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DragonKnight2108d ago

I agree with mounts, and a bigger plot. As for multiplayer, I feel as though that might ruin the game depending on if your buddies could play as all jobs or not. Imagine a group of 4 Mystic Knights. That would defeat all challenge from the game except when facing enemies immune to magic.

As for customization, I'm personally fine with what's there already. The one thing I want the most is multiple character files. If we have to keep our pawns the same, fine. But we should be allowed to have more than one character to test out builds with.

Lord_Sloth2108d ago

That's why online should be optional and they should still keep the Pawn system for those who didn't wish to play with other players.

I think it might be kinda fun to tear it up with a gaggle of Mystic Knights on occasion, though I favor the Warrior most of the time myself.

joab7772108d ago

I agree. It would be nice to have multiple pawns, however they do it. Also, do not use waypoints or level scaling. The port crystals r fine. I say that just like borderlands, bigger is better. Just do more of the same...more loot, more enemies and monsters, more online creatures, more equipment etc. Maybe, more customization just to set apart pawns. Maybe the Co op could be playing in someone else game to earn 3 x the rift crystals which can be used to customize ur pawn more to set it apart.

I love this game and the ps3 community has been great. It was a huge surprise that has been my highlight in gaming thus far this year.

rdgneoz32108d ago

The one thing missing on the list thats the most important... Actually making new games harder like in Demon's/Dark Souls. It got boring after a bit being able to drop every mob in one hit.

samiahm2108d ago

That certainly could use some improvement, they added a easy mode, but not a difficult one xD

Rockefellow2108d ago

Your points are valid, but I'm certain Capcom has said multiple times that the game's "success" has earned it a sequel, and that they want to turn it into a series. It's not a possibility, it's a reality: there will be more Dragon's Dogma games.

samiahm2108d ago

Its still technically unconfirmed I believe, didn't want to mistakenly report false info. If it is, please link me and Id be happy to correct it!

Ser2108d ago

A slightly larger world
NG+ difficulty increase

Gen0ne2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Mounts, online co-op, change the colors of the equipment, being able to silence your pawns completely if you've heard that "Gran Soren is the beating heart of all Gransys" one too many times, more enemy types, no talking Dragons, let's be able to go under water next time ( the Bryne is a lazy way to create boundaries ) more varied environments/larger world and lighten up on all the escort missions.

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The story is too old to be commented.