The Walking Dead Episode 3 release date announcement coming 'soon'

Despite the summer’s lack of excellent, physical games, Telltale has continued to feed the hunger of gamers everywhere with their thrilling, episodic zombie title, The Walking Dead. After receiving critical praise for both episodes one and two, Telltale is gearing up to release the third short feature, dubbed “Long Road Ahead.”

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Daze3112081d ago

I can't wait till this comes out!

Whitefeather2081d ago

Same here can't wait for the next hard decision. I'm glad they confirmed a season 2 as well.

Moby-Royale2081d ago

I didn't catch that! Fantastic news!

I have been waiting to play episode two. (I have it ready to go) I suppose now maybe I'll hold off and wait for a release date for episode three.

Man this series really, REALLY surprised me.

I am looking forward to more.

camel_toad2081d ago

I'm just now getting around to playing episode 1 and in the middle of it. Love it.

Daze3112081d ago

Yeah you can go through them pretty quick and then your waiting for a while but they are soo much fun.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232081d ago

LOL. so we are getting an announcement of an announcement where they will announce the date.

great news N4G

OT: can not wait for episode 3.

Axonometri2081d ago

Wait. Did you just say confirmed season 2?

Oh man, I have got to get help, serious help. My backlog is massive and I have season 1 episode 1 & 2 on two platforms now that Sony released them on Plus. I put off 5 other games that were started into holding pattern until I could get through, at least, the first two episodes. I can't remember how many games I didn't even try from last holiday on. My god I can't keep up!

On top of that... I've got all 3 of my boys with their favorites for Christmas. Of course they are eyeballing Wii U. To put a cherry on top, their birthdays are Nov, Jan and Feb. Why, Why did I pass this disease on to them?

Oh, that reminds me of The Last of Us.

AusRogo2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

Too bad it was refused in Australia.. ill import if they bring out retail copies like Back to the Future. This game looks so good!

Edit: and if they don't bring out retail copies, ill just buy a US psn card n get it off that store, since I reeeaaaly want this!

Moby-Royale2081d ago

The game runs on my average little acer laptop. I tried it out before the demo hit psn.

Just wanted to share that. So maybe you'll have other options too, in case that doesn't work out.

Though, in my personal opinion I am glad that I bought it on psn.

JKelloggs2080d ago

You don't need a US PSN card, you can just make a US account and link in your bank card then buy it that way.

WitWolfy2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

With a show of Agrees meaning (happen to me).. and Disagrees (didnt happen to me)

Who's statistic screen froze on the Walking Dead Episode 2 after finishing it on Xbox 360?

goldwyncq2081d ago

I remember when Telltale used to release episodes monthly.