What Made Ouya's Kickstarter a Success

theBitFix writes: Ouya’s early days have been nothing but a complete blistering success. The real question is how does a complete unknown pop up and grab so much interest from the gaming community?

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SilentNegotiator2163d ago

I'm not keen on kickstarter, but I adore the idea of Ouya. A true developer-friendly system, running on Android and working as its own dev kit.

Summons752163d ago

The fact the people can be really really really stupid and not know how to wisely spend money.

modesign2163d ago

every "gadget" on kickstarter gets over a million in donations, they sound really cool paper, but in reality, they will never make what they put into it.

Knight_Crawler2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

"What Made Ouya's Kickstarter a Success" The millions who are starving for something new.

Seriously this gen has been going on for 7 dam years and the games are really all starting to feel the same and held back by limitations.

Watch the WiiU sell a million in no time thanks to MS and Sony wanting to milk the 360 and PS3 as much as possible.

ziggurcat2163d ago

"What Made Ouya's Kickstarter a Success"

countless delusional twits thinking that an open source system is some kind of utopian godsend.

this is what's going to happen:

1. hackers will get their hands on it and figure out ways to bypass all security measures, which will result in theft (the games won't actually be free-to-play, so it stands to chance that they'll figure out a way to download the content for free), piracy, compromised personal information, a ruined multiplayer environment, etc...

2. the hacking will lead to a loss of dev support - because who wants to put a game out for a system knowing that everyone is just going to steal the game? the PSP is a shining example of what can happen once hackers sink their grubby, basement-dwelling teeth into an electronic device.

3. no games will lead the system to be used only to run s****y emulators for s****y 30-40 year old games.