Video games have more storytelling potential than any other medium

Ethan Clevenger:

Recently, I came across Ico: Castle in the Mist, a novelization based on the critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 title Ico. This struck me as odd. I picked up the book and gave it a once over, and after a couple of pages, sure, it seemed like a good read, but something was missing. And as I thought about it, I realized that any video game that can effectively be translated into a book is not pushing the storytelling to its full potential.

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Lord_Sloth2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Because you have actual effort and time invested in the character. Because of this a great game will have more of your attention. You've struggled with the hero to reach the conclusion. MGS4 comes to mind. That ending had my complete attention. I don't even think the burning house could have pulled me away after suffering with him since MGS.

In a movie you just kick back and watch some1 else do it.

ChickeyCantor2230d ago

Not exactly.

Boss kills are usually ended in a cinematic cutscene.
The illusion is there that you did everything, but most games just makes you sit back and watch "you" do it.

Lord_Sloth2230d ago

Boss DEATHS happen in cutscenes but the wound is rarely inflicted during said cutscenes. We usually see them stumble back from the fight then die.

showtimefolks2230d ago

but most of the games give us very generic stories. Only handful of games actually tell a tale while rest give you a gun and tell you to shoot anything that moves but than they want your emotions to be invested into that

I played spec ops the line few weeks back and even though it was a gun and shoot whatever moves, one thing i really liked what how a character develops and how a soldier starts out fresh and hopeful only to be delusional by the end. When you go insane you start to believe your own lies and spec ops tell a good tale

CommonSenseGamer2230d ago

Thing is that with games, like movies, its all there on the screen taking away much from the imagination. Best story telling medium is still a book in my opinion, just probably the most difficult for many to get into nowadays.

attilayavuzer2230d ago

Books are fine for telling actual stories, but they fall short when it comes to building a world/some sort of context for the story to take place in. Once video games really mature and developers nail down how to take advantage of the power of the medium, I think they'll just be in a class of their own.

srcBFMVBMTH2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Agreed. I also can't wait when video games get to explore themes without backlash that are only acceptable in movies or TV shows. We're getting there. Slowly but surely. Game devs should just keep pushing forward and not be afraid to say what they wanna say and create what they wanna create.

CommonSenseGamer2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Try reading Lord of the Rings. Offers lots of narrative for creating a world for the story.

As for games pushing boundaries, you guys really need to read more as books have been doing this for centuries.

You know, I can't think of a tv show or movie that pushes boundaries like a game like gtaIV. How much further do you want to push boundaries? Some things should never be aceptable regardless of the medium.

attilayavuzer2230d ago

I feel like next gen video games will really come into their own as far as storytelling goes. Not that there haven't been any games this gen that haven't done it successfully, but with the extra power for AI, facial animations, etc... the whole experience should be far more involving and affecting.

Hopefully they start to nail down how to script/pace a game properly. Seems like too many writers are focused on building a story like a traditional film rather than a fully-realized universe the player will have countless hours to explore and learn about.

Kratoscar20082230d ago

My only grip is that most devs will want to create lame gameplay mechanics while focusing on storytelling and the result will always bound to dissapointment (Looking at you SE/FFXIII)with so few exceptions (Heavy Rain).

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