Indoctrination of DLC: Target them while they’re Young


When it comes to downloadable content in gaming, there are many divergent and strong opinions, feelings and points of view on the subject. There is no longer a debate about whether downloadable content (DLC) should exist, at this point, DLC is a reality. Now the question or debate or whatever nomenclature is most applicable becomes what is good and worthwhile DLC and what is simply a clear cash grab by the developer/publisher for gamers’ hard earned cash. The nature of DLC that developers offer is clearly a quandary for an older generation of gamers because the younger generation playing games currently finds DLC simply to be part of playing video games.

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50 different weapon skins for a gun in MP = Cash grab I say.

10 to 20hrs long single player expansion = worthy of my money.

vortis2164d ago

The thing that bothers me the most is that these $60 games are so bare bones and then everything else is essentially a microtransaction.

I don't mind paying exorbitant prices for cash shop stuff from free-to-play games, but good gosh why are there so many microtransaction items for $60 games? Just release the dang game and then start working on the sequel or whatever.

Rockstar does DLC right, though.

ceballos77mx2165d ago

DLC should be a couple of months after a games release to extend gameplay, even MP should be later after release. First day DLC should be in the game.

jerethdagryphon2165d ago

I cv e bought a skant handful of dlc ever mostly for specific reasons . Dead space tank pack for impossible run. Deadspace 2 a gunpack for hardcore run
. Hawx 2 jetpack cause I enjoyed the game .
Alice madness returns dress pack to support a dev and a game I really liked . Boaderlands dlc cause it was expansions.
Car pack for gt5 for the lambo
.mirrors edge cause pure time trials are sublime.
That's all the dlc I've bought I don't care about gold guns no skins or mappacks for me dlc is either a tool for completing a hard core mode or a show of support (posted via phone)