Chinese copycats already have a Wii U GamePad rip off

The Wii U isn't even out yet, and Chinese copycats have already released a console that looks a lot like the GamePad controller.

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PopRocks3592234d ago

This news is old. Besides, that's more of a 3DS rip-off than a Wii U rip-off.

ChickeyCantor2233d ago

On top of that it runs Android.
I actually want one.

MultiConsoleGamer2234d ago

The JXD 7100 is much closer to the WiiU controller. This device, the JXD S5100, is smaller and more like the bottom half of the Nintendo 3DS.

With that said, there are a number of WiiU tablet clones in the works...

wiiulee2233d ago

the wiiu is a beast of a system from and ms are scared and fanboys are running all kind of hate headlines and copying is in the works...but the wiiu will be ultra successful