EA expects its digital sales to overtake boxed games

Electronic Arts expects revenue from digital downloads of its games to overtake sales of boxed game software within a few years and is focussed on expanding its array of mobile and free-to-play products, its chief operating officer said.

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TheMasterShake1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

highly doubt that, not even in music has that ever happened where digital has overtook physical copies. hell physical is actually become really popular again specifically with vinyl.

tachy0n1946d ago

they also forget about other countries which most of their population doesnt have internet access.

boxed games will be here for a very long time....

MAJ0R1946d ago

I disagree, the industry is quickly moving to a digital based marketplace.

Although this is mainly with things like music, videos, and PC games, console gaming is starting to go along with the trend.

ALLWRONG1946d ago

I'm going to place my bets on EA not caring about countries with no internet.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231946d ago

got stats mastershake?. i am sure itunes sells more copies of an album than retailers.

achmetha1946d ago

I prefer digital download games myself.. As long as I can back them up to a PHYSICAL hard drive and do not need an active internet connection to play them down the line.

StayStatic1946d ago

You would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for that pesky DRM.

Psychotica1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Well as far as US goes you are wrong about the music sales.

"In the US, the world's largest music market, digital channels have overtaken physical formats to become the primary source of revenues for record companies. Globally, 32 per cent of music industry revenues come from digital sources, far surpassing the film, newspaper and book sectors. New services launched across Latin America, while in China record companies are working in a landmark partnership with the largest internet company Baidu."

ConstipatedGorilla1945d ago

Yeah, and I expect Michael Jackson to rise from the dead and do the moonwalk at a kkk meeting.

ATiElite1945d ago

WoW TheMAstershake is the only person on the planet that hasn't heard of iTunes which by itself sells more Digital Music than all physical music outlets.

Artist 1a1 album sales = 500K
Artist 1a1 first single on itunes = 2.2 million downloads

Lets do an experiment: For 2 days i want u to count the number of people you see listening to music on MP3's vs. the number of people listening to music on a CD.

I'm sure MP3 is gonna slaughter CD!

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jc485731946d ago

I don't enjoy sitting at home staring at the download screen. I like to walk out for some fresh air and head to the store when ever I feel like it.

Blackpool1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Damn, more online passes and DLC's in the future.

ab5olut10n1946d ago

I honestly believe that digital is the future. How soon, though, who can say?

-MD-1946d ago

It's pretty safe to say retail won't be going away anytime soon.

Maybe a decade from now it'll be 100% digital.

achmetha1946d ago

Maybe sooner than we think with advances like 1gbps internet from Google. Hell, even if I downloaded Uncharted 2 or 3, it would take half a minute with that. I'm for it!

And this is of course as long as digital delivery services could handle 1gbps throughput to thousands/millions of people.

tehpees31946d ago

People keep saying digital will overtake and its still no happened. Internet connections aren't ready.

greenpowerz1946d ago

I don't have a music store within 50 miles of where I live and I watch all my movies on Vudu and have a collection of shows and movies I own on their servers. A lot of movie rental places have went out of business in my region. IMO the only thing stopping the completion of the transition of DD in gaming is the cost of HDD and gaming companies making sure they have all their eggs lined up before they move.

Half of my collection of 360 games I own are either on my HDD or my rights to them are on MSFT servers(don't keep them all on my HDD) MSFT points changing to direct amount is a sign of taking another step in DD.

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