Opinion: We Should Praise Gaming's Diversity‎

Kris Lipscombe:

Sometimes it feels like everyone has a set way they think gaming should be, that it should be only for the “hardcore”, that it should only be on consoles, or PCs, or phones, or whatever new device they’ve rigged to played games; my money’s on hoovers playing Pac-Man next. There are many, including myself at times, who dismiss entire genres out of hand, or show disdain for some business models.

I started to think about this when Jack Tretton talked about how social and free-to-play games aren’t “going to replace the business models that are out there.” He’s right of course, games like FarmVille and SimCity Social aren’t ever going to overtake the industry as a whole. It may certainly seem like that at times, but it’s perfectly possible for varying business models to exist side by side, in fact it may help to strengthen gaming going forwards.

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