Darksiders II: 120 screens from Xbox 360 version

Darksiders II: here are 120 screenshots from Xbox 360 version (Spoiler free - only visuals, environments and gameplay)

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mewhy322229d ago

Wow. This game looks pretty amazing. A must buy.

BakedGoods2229d ago

Awww yeah! Grabbin' the PC version for some 1080p, 8x AA action.

Captain Qwark 92229d ago

360 for me. got the collectors edition. any version is gonna be great though, this is my most anticipated game in many years lol. it reminds me of castlevania sotn. i looooooove action rpgs, true action rpgs like this

mewhy322229d ago

360 for me too. Multi plats are just better on 360 (console releases).

Adexus2229d ago

Getting the PC version myself but I have played the 360 version and it's superb.

Daver2229d ago

@Captain Qwark 9

Dont say that lol The new castlevania really sucked compared to darksiders.

PS3 version here.

Captain Qwark 92229d ago


you missed the "sotn" part lol. that stands for symphony of the night! not only is that the best castlevania everm but its one of the greatest videogames this world has ever seen and to me, without a doubt the best action rpg. darksiders 2 looks like the only game i have ever seen with the potential to match that.

although to be fair, i did kick deaths ass as alucard so maybe it wont be able to compete :P

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neutralgamer192229d ago

Ps3 version here you know where its at.

M1chl2228d ago

Just neutral gamer on n4g : D

BushLitter2228d ago

Getting the PC version and playing with my Xbox controller :) Best of both worlds

neutralgamer192228d ago

Being neutral doesn't mean i don't prefer quality lol smh the people on here. If i go by your logic i should have a Kinect in my house and a wii i game on a daily basis lol