The Walking Dead: Episode Two Stats Revealed and an Episode Three Update

Telltale writes: "We thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we make sure that this latest episode continues the heart-wrenching experience you’ve been enjoying with action and decisions that we hope are some of the most difficult, painful, shocking and horrifying that players will have ever seen in a video game. Until then, stay tuned for up to the minute updates on when our next episode will be available, and if you’re going to PAX Prime in Seattle at the end of this month, don’t miss our special presentation of Playing Dead LIVE!, where project leads Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin, and Gary Whitta, story consultant and writer of Episode Four: Around Every Corner discuss the series and answer questions from fans like you."

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LackTrue4K2288d ago

Im a plus member on PSN so i downloaded episode 1 & 2 for free. I was not expecting much....."NOW IM HOOKED ON THIS GAME LIKE DRUGS!!!"

Blackpool2287d ago

it would be cool if we also got this free too.

Skate-AK2286d ago

I would have rather had what EU got. I already had both Walking Dead episodes.

ZeroChaos2286d ago

These stats trailers so far have been awesome. I love to look back and see what the majority or minority chose.

It would be kind of cool, if the choices that the player choose in the trailers are the canon choices apart from 1,000,000+ punches on Andy :P

thaking1552286d ago

Just finished episode 2! It was awesome and absolutly nuts at the same time. Interesting to compare the stats!