The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard Review (Invision Game Community)

Dawnguard is the long awaited DLC for Bethesda’s Nordic epic Skyrim, touted as adding up to twenty hours of additional quest content

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GaryOak2163d ago

Where are all these reviews finding 20 hours of gameplay in Dawnguard? It took me 6-8 hours and I felt like I was taking my time.

Nocturne1472163d ago

It took for me 23Hrs, all side quests, and main quests.

MrAnderson2163d ago

it's taken me 21 so far, and the only side quest i did was getting arvak in the soul cairn, and i'm on the last quest.

DanielBryan2163d ago

It took me maybe 12 hours.But then,I was maxed out before I started it.