You Can't Fix Bad Parenting

The ESRB tells parents what isn't appropriate for kids. People tell parents what isn't appropriate for kids. What does it take to get it through to these people?

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Bowzabub1621d ago

Perfect article or N4G.

CreatorOfDMC1621d ago ShowReplies(1)
AngelicIceDiamond1621d ago

The picture is misleading btw.

rdgneoz31621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Not really. It's a picture from the article that's from the ESRB about game ratings and picking the right ones for kids. It's fitting seeing as some parents don't bother reading the ratings or don't care at all (bad parenting), which the article is about.

JellyJelly1621d ago

Try shooting at the bad parents?

blakko221621d ago

Violent games do not make kids crazy.
Mental Illness makes kids crazy.
Let them play Mortal Kombat it's not like they're gonna go outside and try to rip each others heads off.

ravinash1621d ago

I remember the old days when WWF came on the TV in New Zealand years and years ago.
Many a cloths line and powerdrive was delivered on a kid after that.
Kids if young enough will try and replicate what they see, so I do think parents need to control what they have access to.

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