Alleged Xbox 720 dev kit already up to $15K on eBay

Serial dev kit image leaker "Dae" has gone the extra step and put an alleged Xbox 720 developer system on eBay. But is it real?

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iamnsuperman2078d ago

Really???? Like really??? Of course it isn't real. I wonder if the bids are even real. No-one is that stupid. Right?

Snookies122078d ago

Yeah, I don't think it's real either... I mean, assuming Microsoft has given out dev kits, I'm sure you'd have to sign some kind of contract or something to keep people from talking about it or showing it off... Much less giving it away or selling it...

Hisiru2078d ago

the dev's paycheck is probably way better than this. There is no reason for them to sell it at this price. This is fake, no doubts.

morganfell2078d ago

The fact is not just anyone can own a dev kit. It doesn't matter whether it is MS, Sony, or Nintendo. Dev kit possession and use is highly restricted.

Ebay just assisted in the commission of a crime and if the kit is real they could be held liable.

That said there is every chance the kit isn't real or else this is an intentional act on the part of MS.

Snookies122078d ago

Lol why the disagrees? Oh wait... N4G... :p

Autodidactdystopia2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

It was real.

I tink its another incident but nevertheless it seems legit to me.

sikbeta2077d ago


It may not be real in the sense of being equal to the final product, but most guys on gaf say it's an alpha kit, could be the base of what the XBX3 would end up being

Kaneda2077d ago

Or it could be a PR stunt... slowly hyping their next gen..

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19892077d ago

Wow I hope it's fake, honestly who wants the Xbox 720 that bad we all know ms knows they won the casuals over and will favor them next gen lol for 21000 you could build a super duper gaming computer 4 680's in quad sli and the best i7 processor money could buy and 32 gb of ram everything watercooled or make the best Mac super computer money can buy. And Sony would never buy this they don't need help in the hardware department. If anything I wish sony could get OS help from apple. I love my ps3s hardware but damn the software is a mess and uses way to much ram. Microsofts hardware is definately cheap and inferior but they're OS is amazing and integration of Xbox live is seamless. Sony needs to up they're software game. Sony has everything on ms but software.

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Shadonic2078d ago

Can't really tell I mean it could be real it was confirmed to be legit by developers that have been reported to be developing next gen games maybe he's just trying to push ms to just announce the thing idk.

WeskerChildReborned2078d ago

I don't know which dev would wanna sell their dev kits and if it's real, Microsoft aint gonna be happy.

Knight_Crawler2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

What if it was stolen from a developer?

WeskerChildReborned2077d ago

@KnightCrawler, wouldn't a dev report that it was stolen?

Knight_Crawler2077d ago

Its probably been reported but since MS wants to keep any news about the 720 top secret they wont made any media noise that it was stolen.

This is like someone stealing money money from someone who robbed a bank - they cant report it.

ATi_Elite2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Wow the Summer has the worst articles EVER!

Of course it's Fake! That Dev would be sued into Oblivion if they eBayed their Devkit!

(Way more money to be made making a game than selling a Devkit)

anyway it's just a PC built to Xbox720 specs BUT the important part is the Proprietary Software that allows the PC to Emulate the Xbox720 and the mods tools.

3GenGames2078d ago

No, once the company buys the dev kits, Microsoft can't say what to do with them if they don't care about the license. You have to remember if a game studio dies, they don't need their dev kits and don't care about the license because they're defunct. So it makes sense they they COULD pop up. But I do agree it looks just like a PC and also think it's a fake auction, but saying it's impossible a dev kit can't pop up is stupid though.

wicko2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Wrong, you can't resell devkits. In fact, you don't actually own them, they still belong to the company that is distributing them (MS, Sony, Nintendo).

This auction is bogus.

3GenGames2077d ago

That's a load of complete shit. You purchase the devkits to use and they don't have anything to stop you from selling them except for (MAYBE) it will be in your contract to publish games you are required to keep all resources for development you purchase.

But what should I know about this, I only develop games and know 2 people who do so for a living on current gen systems. I guess they are wrong too.

ThanatosDMC2078d ago

There's always stupid people. Remember when someone bought the super expensive slice of pizza?

Ares84HU2077d ago

There are people THAT stupid. Don't you worry, humanity can surprise you with their stupidity always!

avengers19782077d ago

LOL, and I really hope someone shells out the money for something that cannot possible be real.

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BaconBits2078d ago

I would wager it is a pc built around the rumored specs and therefore he is just calling it a 720 dev kit to boost sale price.

bubblebeam2077d ago

Lol hahaha. Be funny if the winner opened it up and it is just a dreamcast or something with 720 in crayon written on it.

Why would someone pay that much? I'm trying to figure out how they would use it to their advantage. Maybe replicate it if they had tech skills and sell more of them??

Anyone have any ideas?

sjaakiejj2077d ago

Doesn't really give you anything else than bragging rights. To replicate this hardware, you need machine precision, so without a specialised hardware factory at your disposal, even if the devkit was real (which it probably isn't), the devkit would be completely useless (considering you need a contract with Microsoft to actually be able to digitally sign your game)

tee_bag2422078d ago

ABC's Goodgame in Australia confirmed it was real and taken down from ebay. They are a pretty creditable bunch but who knows. Still no details on the specs anyway.

link below

bubblebeam2077d ago

"They are a pretty creditable bunch..."

LOL. If reading news and rumours from a 2 month old gameinformer magazine is credible, than I'm Samuel L Jackson.

( I watch Good Game, and it is a good show, on tomorrow night lol)

shaneTsung2078d ago

look at these people with triangle hats, what are they thinking?

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