PSA: The Wii U GamePad is NOT a tablet controller

"Ever since the existence of the Wii U was leaked just prior to E3 2011, game developers, publishers, those in the gaming press, just about everyone but Nintendo have called the console's new controller "a tablet." Every time someone does this, they drag their collective fingernails across the chalkboard of my soul.

Anyone who has used the Wii U GamePad should be able to tell you that it's not a tablet device. A tablet features multi-touch screen controls, and does not rely on multiple buttons and control sticks/pads. The Wii U GamePad does not feature a multi-touch screen controls, and it does have dedicated buttons and control sticks (and one control pad).", writes Destructoid.

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greenpowerz2233d ago

No one thinks It's actually a tablet with hundreds of dollars worth of hardware and software. It's a figure of speech born from the size and shape. Most call it that due to its huge bulky awkward shape for gaming.

AO1JMM2233d ago

Most people that have played with it do not say it is "huge bulky awkward shape for gaming".

Machioto2233d ago

True but they had limited use with the controller so a extended use may make it heavy.

greenpowerz2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Wii u so far has done nothing but split up huds and menus of games on two differnt screens where the gamer has to look away from the screen. Most will see that as awkward. It will be seen as adding an extra step that was made convenient with traditional controller based gaming.

Some people sit leaning towards the tv when playing, so they would have to look down at the controller in a normal gaming environment at home.

No one expected the pad was a tablet that would in reality cost 2 to 3 times the worth of the console itself. Tablets are computers.

It's like having a logitech Harmony One and then being told you need to use another screen to fully use the gear/remote

Do you hold up the pad durring long sessions with certain games(zombie U for example) This is not a casual controller for soccer moms, kids and grandpa.

Wii U is adding more complexity to their casual base with this awkward concept/design.

This thing is so hardcore even core gamers will have to get use to it assuming they have the patients for multi step gaming.

Hisiru2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Now we know why you only has 2 bubbles, Mr grewpowder.

Looks like you are very misinformed and you probably never watched any WiiU footage.

Fifa 13, Madden 13, Rayman Legends and ZombiU is already showing the WiiU's Gamepad will be good for players, and Rayman Legends has an unique Multiplayer gameplay thanks to the tablet controller.

"Wii U is adding more complexity to their casual base with this awkward concept/design. "

Yeah, looks like you need to read some previews/hands on. Everyone is saying the controller is very light and comfortable, but you (who probably never played it) is saying bad things about the controller.

I won't comment about every stupid sentence in your post because that's not how I waste my time on the internet nowadays, but you looks desperate. Poor guy. I will do you a favor:
Madden NFL 13 WIiU:
Fifa 13 WiiU:
Rayman Legends multiplayer:
WiiU Gamepad hands on:

Thank me later.

victorGma212233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Voted for trolling.

And no, I already played the console and it's not as hard as youre making it sound. Actually, it's pretty easy to play games like ZombiU and P-100 (that's all I played, unfortunately, but good games) with the gamepad and it's really good because it creates tense moments for games like ZombiU. You're underestimating your own brain and capabilities saying it will be hard to control without even trying.

specialguest2233d ago

Are you one of the early N4G member during the good old fanboy war days known as Power of Green?

yabhero2232d ago

The reason you have 2 bubbles is because your a hypocrite. Go to any 360 SmartGlass article and this guy will be there praising it but now he saying WiiUPad is a bad idea.J the WiiU is less casual than Wii was. I'm sure a casual can figure how to iPad why can't the figure out a controller with a touch screen. Why don't you go back to the 360 and praise the mighty SmartGlass more.

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WeskerChildReborned2233d ago

So what if people mistaken it for a tablet controller? I mean their is probably multiple names for it like touch screen controller or the one that's used the most would be Gamepad.

harrisk9542233d ago

Nice find! Bubbles for you!

R_aVe_N2233d ago

lmao gotta love when you catch them saying the same thing XD bubbles

r212233d ago

oh god hahaha win XD bubbles for you dude!

MaxXAttaxX2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Ok.... so to summarize:
It's not a "tablet" because it doesn't have a Multi-touch screen or the same functionality. It has an older Single-touch screen, but with buttons and analog sticks.
Then he goes on a rant about using the proper terms and so on.

But wait! Why did you guys
Sounds like Destructoid needs to have a meeting and talk about using the correct terms :P

I just want to know if I can use the Wii U Pro controller for all core games. Or any other REAL info next time.

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