Most Audacious Moment: Silent Hill 2

1up - That daring choice to betray the player's trust was so powerful, and the revelation of James' true story so effective, that Silent Hill has spent the better part of seven sequels trying to recapture that incredible scene once again. That moment of betrayal empowers the entire story, resonating with maturity and themes that set the stage for some of the most iconic moments in game narrative that would follow. There are other games that have orchestrated incredible moments with unreliable narratives, but these stories do not ask us to look at the darkest parts of human nature. Silent Hill 2 dared to upend every notion of trusting the main character with a very real, very human world of sin, grief and broken people facing their demons.

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Knushwood Butt2193d ago

Silent Hill 2 rules, but not the HD remake.

ab5olut10n2193d ago

REALLY good article. thumbs up.

Kratoscar20082192d ago

Articles like this makes me believe that game journalism isnt totally dead.