Rumor - Wii U due out the week of Black Friday (Update)

"Here's some more rumors that supposedly come from a GameStop employee in my home state of NJ...

- Wii U is to release the week of Black Friday 2012
- Wii U Pre-Orders planned to open next week
- Certain titles such as 'Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition' are listed as $49.99 and are not estimates", writes

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prototypeknuckles1951d ago

if this is true then thank you nintendo for making people kill eachother for a game system, ive seen people fight over vaccum cleaners on black friday so i can see where this is going, on the bright side more money for the big N

victoryscreeeeeech1951d ago

Thats cuz people get more money duing that month and merchandise is cheaper. I do not think people will go on a shitstorm for a game console that will be that same price for a while, when they can buy that vaccum ur talking about for significantly cheaper

mike1up1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

"thank you nintendo for making people kill eachother for a game system.".

I really hope that you were joking, because that's just wrong. Not only is your statement incorrect, it's also extremely distasteful.

I guess that if somebody decided to kill me for my T-shirt, by your logic, the T-shirt company would be responsible.

People commit senseless murders all of the time. Why would you ever try to rationalize such a terrible thing?

Kos-Mos1951d ago

Mr.Mike, have you ever traveled outside your country, or even your city for making comments like that.

Sono4211950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Why so many disagrees for mike? Are people on here that idiotic? What prototypeknuckles said is just as moronic as people saying games make people killers, for example that grand theft auto fiasco a while back. People on N4G are seriously lacking simply common sense.

bothebo1951d ago

People line up at Black Friday for the deals.....not new hardware which is more expensive than any other console on the market.

yabhero1951d ago

That sucks I'll have to get it online... Selling th remakes of older games cheaper is smart. I know what's going on I. My house thanksgiving weekend...

R_aVe_N1951d ago

I can print you a list like that as well in a few minutes that says it will be out tomarrow

Biohazard88601951d ago

getting it onlline for sure people are gonna buy this like hot cakes like the original wii hopefully ill be able 2 pre order one of these.

TheLyonKing1951d ago

Clever if they do, it's funny watching black Friday on tv back here in the UK.

Does that mean Nintendo are doing a simultaneous realese of the wii U? Or will Japan still get it earlier?

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