Epic Confirms Three More People Leave from Gears of War: Judgment

Kotaku - People Can Fly, the Poland-based studio behind 2011's Bulletstorm and the upcoming Gears of War: Judgment, said goodbye to creative director Adrian Chmielarz (pictured) and two top artists today, according to Gears developer Epic Games and Chmielarz himself.

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first1NFANTRY2193d ago

That's the result of developing nothing else but the same games for an entire gen.

ChunkyLover532193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

You realize People Can Fly is co-developing their first Gears game right?

This is just a case of greener pastures, no sense in trying to blame something that simply isn't the case. People sometimes leave a company and join others.

I mean Naughty Dog did nothing but Uncharted games this gen, should we expect an influx of people leaving because of that?

ado9082193d ago

@Chunkylovers53 Umm are you not aware of the Last of us? Because I'm sure that game is being developed for a current gen console.

nukeitall2193d ago

To that I have to say:

"Gears fans, you're going to love Judgment. It's in great hands," Chmielarz said via Twitter about 1 p.m. EDT. "And don't worry, you'll hear about my plans soon enough."

I think Gears of War: Judgement will be fine!

da_2pacalypse2193d ago

@first1NFANTRY You're aware that this the first time People Can fly is working on the gears series right? lol

units2193d ago

There has only been three Gears of War titles

Grap2193d ago

@ado908 you are not aware of release Bulletstorm? cuz i'm pretty sure it's on current gen consoles

guitarded772193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Oh wow... only three comments in and we already have a Gears v Uncharted argument. Get over it people. They're two of the greatest franchises of this generation.

People come and go at all dev studios. Sometimes it's due to career change, sometimes it's for a simple change of scenery, sometimes they want to be closer to the rest of their family, sometimes it's a promotion, sometimes it's a demotion, sometimes they're fired, sometimes they just hate their job, sometimes they want to start their own studio... etc... etc... etc...

This happens everyday in every industry, and the industries move forward. Rarely is one person essential to the day to day and/or creative foundation of a company. Gears Judgment will go on and be exactly what fans and detractors of the series expect it to be. Best of luck to all those leaving in their future endeavors, and best of luck to those staying behind to make the game come to market.

Grow up gamers.

Rated M for Mature

ado9082193d ago

@Grap I said "A" current gen console not "Consoles". Naughty Dog made Uncharted an exclusive I.P. But Naughty Dog also made The last of us another exclusive I.P. Epic on the other hand are third party developers that only made one exclusive I.P. and can only resort to funding towards Gears of war because that's their only successful I.P. So it's pretty much true that they been developing pretty much the same game throughout the whole Gen and I can say this because I have Gears of war 1,2, and 3. Gamertag: Assassingamer36

And it's pretty sad that idiots like you compare a third party studio to a first party studio in which has the freedom to make more games. First party studios have more risk in funding and creating games than a third party. So it's sad that even thought the current gen is about to end that Naughty Dog can create something new like the last of us and Epic still has to resort to gears of war. I can care less for how much disagree's because for every disagree I get pretty much proves my point and fanboys will just disagree anyways even if it's true.

Why not compare a third party developer to another third party developer? Exactly my point. You guys just want to have it your way. Chunky uses naughty dog as his supporting argument and fails. Then there are the fans that defend epic by making it sound like that they made enough I.P's for this gen. This is a third party studio we're talking about.

Ubisoft has more I.P's out for this gen. Valve has more I.P's out this gen. Atlus has more I.P's out this gen. Rockstar has more I.P's this gen. Capcom has more I.P's this gen hell even a first party studio like Santa Monica has WAY more I.P's for this gen.

Shame there are so many creative minds over at Epic and yet the only I.P they must resort to is Gears of War and the franchise is just getting stale.

aceitman2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

@ grap bulletstorm is not made from the same people who did the gears series.

TheDivine2193d ago

The Last of Us isnt out yet. ND have only made Uncharted this gen. Epic has made/published Gears, UT3, Shadow Complex, Infinity Blade, Bulletstorm, and have Fortnight coming out.

ado9082193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Do me a favor look up infinity blade and tell me what this topic is about...You figured it out yet? Oh yeah Inifinity blade is an iOS game not on current gen console. Also Chair entertainment developed shadow complex and infinity blade. Some of Epic's staff just helped pitch in.

As for the last of us it's already confirmed to be coming to current gen consoles so it doesn't matter if it didn't come out. It just confirms that Naughty Dog built the game and guess what? They had no support what so ever.

Fortnite is not on current gen consoles again disapproving you seeing as the game is only on PC.

Bulletstorm was developed by People can fly not by the Gears of war team from Epic. They were just there for support AGAIN. That's like me saying incognito and 989 studios built Twisted metal when it was developed by Eat sleep play that needed support for the game.

So all in all Epic has only legitimately made Unreal Tournament 3 and Gears of war this generation. Which again Proving my point that Epic as a third party developer rarely put any games out.

Also you people try to compare a first party studio to a third party studio again. Which shows some of you people are desperate as they can get.

Yeah Naughty Dog released 1 I.P. this gen but at least they are releasing another game and it's innovative and new. Their modo is to release 1 I.P. every gen. They did it with crash with the Ps1, they did it with jak and daxter with the ps2, and now they they most likely changed that modo because next gen is taking a while. Also what did I just say? They are first party developers not third party they have higher risks building new games.

We're talking about a companies development not publishing. That's like saying Microsoft owns Limbo and released it just because they published it.

SilentNegotiator2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Actually, it's probably because they're unhappy going from making fast paced shooters to EPIC's slow testosterone simulators.

The artists went from making interesting, varied creatures to EPIC's style.

Roccetarius2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

The people from PCF actually left, because EPIC bought them out. As a result they left the company as well.

I'm guessing they didn't want anymore orders from above.

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--Onilink--2193d ago

This is so common these days that who knows how many more people leave big games during development and we just dont hear about it

LAZL0-Panaflex2193d ago

Yeah it is, maybe judgement will look more like gears now and less like bulletstorm.

majiebeast2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Maybe they dont like that epic sticks their nose into the projects they do. Because i doubt that for bulletstorm they wanted marcus fenix´s brother as the protagonist, or the insane amount of juvenile swearing.

Belking2193d ago

"Maybe they dont like that epic sticks their nose into the projects they do"

Dude, what are you talking about? People Can Fly is partly owned by Epic and they do own the IP so they do have a say so in game development.

Cajun Chicken2193d ago

PCF were fairly independent just publishing under Dreamcatcher before Epic took them up. I think the last thing they expected was to be made to develop spinoffs of IP they didn't create.

Personally I thought that Bulletstorm was great and shame on Epic not making a sequel.

Cajun Chicken2193d ago

Sounds like People Can Fly is losing all it's personality as a studio. Hopefully these guys find their way into The Farm51 or Flying Wild Hog where they'd be appreciated instead of working on games where the members have to dumb down.

Hicken2193d ago

See, things are the types of things we don't need to know about. The truth is that we know far too much about what's going on behind the scenes of games while they're still being made.

It's ruining our anticipation of games, which in turn destroys sales, and hinders the chances of good games being considered great, selling accordingly, and getting the sequels they deserve.

Just one more way this generation is worst than the last.

dasbeer882192d ago

I know right?

Same goes for Halo 4. I was hoping 343 Industries will show like one short video footage of Halo 4 like every two or three months instead of constantly spamming trailers of multiplayer and Spartan Ops every two weeks or so. That way, people will be guessing what Halo 4 will be like and increase the hype and anticipation behind it.

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