Wizorb Mini Review - PS Vita ( - Mini games deserve mini reviews, and that’s exactly what this is. When browsing around the Vita’s PSN store, you’ll notice the “Minis” section, which is geared towards extremely low budget, mobile-type games. In fact, Wizorb has been released on Mobile platforms, but now comes to us on Sony’s latest handheld.

It’s a fairly simple concept – Imagine Breakout or Arkanoid, then add in some fantasy, RPG-style setting, and you’ll have Wizorb. The basic idea is to move a paddle back and forth at the bottom of the screen and bounce a ball upwards to break blocks. As they break, items drop down, such as potions and money, and these can be collected to improve your standing. You’ll also see enemies wandering througout the levels, and these can be defeating by hiting them with the ball. Simple.

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