Gamepad Companion review: Mac games from Steam with PS3 controller | Gaming Examiner

Over the last few years more and more games have started coming to the Mac operating system and being offered on popular digital-distribution sites like STEAM and the Mac App store. Although it’s still far behing its Microsoft-PC rival, more gamers are able to play their favorite titles on the system.

With the advent of more games on the Mac, came more challenges for developers and players. Mac isn’t one of the friendliest devices when it comes to supporting third-party peripherals and even fewer games are developed to take advantage of some of Mac’s offerings.

With the the latest updates to the Mac OS came a quiet feature, recognizing a PS3 controller through Bluetooth, although it’s practically worthless by itself, a few programers have developed third-party apps to make your gaming experience a little better.

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dedicatedtogamers2233d ago

Playing games on Mac makes about as much sense as being a Wii-only Call of Duty fan.

PersonMan2233d ago

The Mac versions of Batman Arkham Asylum and Dirt 2 both support the PS3 controller without any drivers or configuration. It's pretty awesome.

That being said, I boot into Windows to play games. So to the idiot above me that says playing games on a Mac doesn't make sense is also saying playing on PC doesn't make sense. Modern Macs can boot natively into Windows and therefore support any game that Windows supports.