iGo Podcasting Episode 6 | Put Crash In All-Stars

iGo Podcasting returns from its 2-month hiatus. In this episode, Jalen and Damien discuss the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale leaks.

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Relientk772231d ago

They need to have Crash Bandicoot in it, hes a PlayStation icon

iXenon2231d ago

I don't believe Sony greenlit this game w/o the vision of Crash being in it. Whether or not he'll be in the game is totally up to Activision.

Relientk772231d ago

I mean him and Spyro. I want both lol

smashcrashbash2231d ago

We already talked about this. Tell Activision to let us have Crash. Sony can't make them give them Crash. But if the leaks are true in any way he is already there in the roster. Activision isn't using him for anything at the moment so maybe they might be willing to let Sony use him. Why just let him sit there if you can get some cash for using him instead?

Parappa2231d ago

If they do put Crash in then I hope it's the classic version instead of the version where they removed his gloves and slapped tattoos all over him to try & make him look edgy.

JKelloggs2231d ago

What about Spyro! Show Spyro some love!

(The classic versions, not the new Activision rip-offs!)