Pokemon Needs More Differences Between Versions

The Pokemon franchise has a well-established tradition of releasing multiple versions of the same game with just a few minor changes and trying to convince gamers that they need to buy them all. The series has been incredibly successful and lucrative, but it's time to evolve past the current formula of carbon copy games. With a little more effort put into making the different versions each a unique experience, every Pokemon game could truly become a must-have title.

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omarzy2080d ago

I'm all for some changes, but the franchise is too successful to tinker with.

ninjahunter2080d ago

Pokemon needs better pokemon, Thats not counting the originals of course.

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ScubaSteve12080d ago

they need a better battling system i mean, if they can dodge attacks on the anime show. i expectg them to do that in the game

Erimgard2080d ago

They can. Every attack has a specific accuracy, and there are certain moves you can use to lower your opponent's accuracy or raise your own evasiveness.

ScubaSteve12080d ago

i know but it will be pretty cool to see them dogde like the anime version does

SilentNegotiator2080d ago

It's a turn-based strategy game. Whaddayawant?

You strategically use moves to make you a harder target, moves to dodge the next attack, moves that will help you dodge certain types of attacks (eg. Fly to avoid charged up ground based attacks or whatever)....

Strategy. Not action. Strategy.

-Gespenst-2079d ago

Yeah they need to make it just a little bit more complex, it's just too easy. Pokemon is rock? Use fighting, water or grass to insta-kill it, hmmmmm.

Like maybe it's been successful so far, but they can't keep making the same game over and over again. They're gradually accumulating fans of previous games, and because of this they're gonna get more and more complaints.

However I still think they're great games, just in need of some revamping. The COD comparisons are BS, Pokemon is an infinitely more imaginative game than COD.

negroguy2080d ago

Seems like it follows the CoD formula. Haven't played a pokemon game in years but it looks like the same thing. CEO of activision and nintendo are just thinking "if it aint broke don't fix it."

L6RD7BLU32080d ago

HA! It's hilarious that people complain about COD being the same, but I don't hear much people complaining about the Pokemon franchise

NeoTribe2080d ago

Reason u don't hear anyone complain about pokemon being the same is because nobody gives a damn about pokemon less ur ten years old. Didn't even realize they still made this crap.

mike1up2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I think that you mean COD follows the Pokemon formula. Pokemon has 10+ years on COD.

Either way, "if it aint broke..." is definitely the philosophy here.

slaton242079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

wow a game that has been out before CoD was even known of is getting compared to be like just amazes me....

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