DLC Should Be Free

Travis from discusses his take on DLC and how it should be a free add-on to a game, not paid for additional content. Do you agree?

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Reverent2233d ago

Agree with you agreeing

ATi_Elite2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

1. DLC should be Free = DLC to me is a Devs continued support and gratitude to the gamer buying the game and thus it should be FREE.

especially since most DLC is just map paks and 2 hour side missions or a special item then yeh just make it Free instead of nickel and diming the gamers.

2. Expansions can cost ca$h = Now if a Dev goes the extra mile and completely changes the game into something else and or adds a whole other game to it then yeah go ahead and charge $20 bucks for an Expansion Pak.

Perfect Example: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion Pak or Skyrims Dawnguard

3. Best Bet = just wait for the GOTY Edition or whatever and get the game and all the DLC in it for one low price.

Console Manufactures are scratching their heads about lower game sales, WELL it's because you got $15 DAY 1 ON DISK DLC on every game made now a days.

I like the good old days when Pubs didn't cut up a game and all this PAID DLC stuff wasn't around.

creatchee2233d ago

By using the same logic...
-three months after you buy an album, the artists should send you new songs for free

-after you buy a suit, you should be able to get a new tie to go with it after you get tired of the old one

-after you see a movie, you should get a complimentary epilogue mailed to you

-after you eat dinner at a restaurant, dessert comes at no extra charge

The DLC entitlement mindset is bull. In no other medium do you see people expecting extra products or services after an initial purchase. The fact is, whether the developers worked on DLC during a game's development cycle or after, it's still extra and optional content and should be priced accordingly.

That being said, free DLC is always welcome. But this "I deserve free DLC because I bought the game" mentality is both spoiled and asinine.

iamnsuperman2233d ago

No. I think extras should be charged for. You don't really need it to play the game but if you want to play that extra bit more or have a special item that isn't included on then disc then I do not mind it being charged for.

However, if it is on the disc than it should be free. This unlock rubbish has to stop.

Kryis2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Most should be free. Large add ons or a whole expansion, could be priced.
However, nonsense like a couple maps, outfits, couple guns.. should be free.
Little things should be incentives to the customers buying, and playing, the game.

I can see things like ME's 'Shadow Broker' or Skyrims 'Dawngaurd' costing money, though.

iamnsuperman2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I disagree because the incentive to buy the game is the core game it self not free stuff tagged on. If you want new maps to play multiplayer on because the older ones are starting to get a bit old then you should pay as the developers are making content to extend the life of the original game. Map packs are a bit expensive (possibly over priced) and outfits and gun packs aren't really that expensive but to say they should be given free is just nonsense. It is extra. DLC doesn't take away from the game but adds/changes your experience of the game. At the end of the day you are not paying for fixes in the original game but extra content which you can choice not to buy. We have no right to demand free content for things developed beyond the core game.

KaBaW2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I agree with him, perhaps not an incentive but a reward, so to speak.
While maybe we should pay for the work they did, in a way we kinda did.
We are the ones who originally paid to allow them to make the extra DLC.
Just like Call of Duty did with the 'Terminal' map, it was free to get.
The companies should have some sense to give back to the customers.
Again, they wouldn't be able to sale us DLC, if we didn't buy the game.
It doesn't have to be outrageous content, but little things won't hurt.
Individual packages may not cost a lot, but they sure as hell add up.
Go buy all the extra outfits and costumes for the Street Fighter(?) game.
As I said below, there is no way to know the content is actually 'extra'.
That it wasn't originally taken out just to sale later, as "extra" DLC..
I don't know about you but I like my games complete, not half baked.

LOGICWINS2233d ago

DLC should be free for people who buy their games new.

DwightOwen2233d ago

That's a pretty good idea, and a much better one than online passes.

Kryis2233d ago

Agreed. That would be a good reason to pick up a game new, not pre-owned.

Hufandpuf2233d ago

If the devs want me to play for additional content, then I'll pay for additional content. Nowhere when buying the game did I see a "all DLC for this game is free" I'm buying what I paid for which is the game in the case.

GREW50ME2233d ago

This article explores the ideal model for game publisher ethics with regards to DLC. It's not an article about how the market operates. We already know that if someone wants to buy/sell something, they can. Hence the word "SHOULD" in the title of the article. Dumbass!

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