The Top 5 Voice Actors | "The videogame industry is on its way to becoming as large as Hollywood. Franchises rake in millions of dollars, people line up for midnight releases and, more recently, voice actors are beginning to build fan bases. Most interesting to me is the idea that voice actors are beginning to have actor-level recognition. Some actors have even tried their hand at voice work. So with this area of gaming becoming more and more important I figured I would give you my picks for the top 5 voice actors in games today."

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Hicken2170d ago

She hasn't exactly been in enough games to be considered for that, has she? I mean, she's tasty and all, but..

NeXXXuS2170d ago

lol I'm gay, but she does have an amazing voice. And from what I've seen of BEYOND: Two Souls, she'll be doing great in video games if she continues.

Tenkay232169d ago

Your list lacks Jennifer Hale. Played Samus Aran, Bastila Shan, Female Commander Shepard, etc.