NEOGEO X GOLD Handheld: Release Date and Price Leaked?

In what appears to be a leaked press release due out August 13, 2012, Tommo, Inc. announces the release date and price for retro gaming handheld device, the NEOGEO X GOLD.

The NEOGEO X GOLD developed by Tommo, Inc. in partnership with SNK PLAYMORE, will come with 20 classic titles including Metal Slug, Art of Fighting II, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown II and The King of Fighters '95.


This has indeed been confirmed on August 13th, 2012. Folks can register their interest over at:

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sarshelyam2170d ago

Did you see the content?

yewles12170d ago

A lot better than $800. But still...

sarshelyam2170d ago

I was getting worried about this release. Glad to see it's still, apparently, set for market!

Naners2170d ago

I'm curious to see what else will be offered later on down the line too with this little handheld like full reworkings of the classic titles and/or exclusives even. As it stands, it still seems a pretty nice "memory lane" niche device.

Kyosuke_Sanada2170d ago

Only one question, where is The Last Blade and Garou: Mark Of the Wolves? I may still get this handheld regardless but I would be ecstatic to see more games like the above (hell even Samurai Shodown V Special) be announced for later release.

Naners2169d ago

The rumor's been confirmed as of this morning, August 13th, 2012. You might be able to find out a bit more at: