Darksiders 2 Lead Designer: “More Than Enough Life in Current-Gen Consoles”

Next generation this, next generation that. Remember the times when consoles updated every decade or so (or wait, were those PCs)? Regardless, everyone’s got an opinion on the next wave of consoles.

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prototypeknuckles2198d ago

im happy someone is saying this instead of idiots like ubisoft who whine about new consoles, and dont even push them to the limit, UBISOFT hows about you make a sequel to pop08, instead of bitching about old tech you havnt even fully realized yet.

ChunkyLover532198d ago

Did you ever think he's saying it so that people will buy his game on current consoles, rather then waiting for new consoles and games?

You realize when a new console and games for that console are announces, the current consoles and games take a huge hit, because people are wanting to play the newest games on the newest console.

This is why Nintendo was foolish to announce the Wii U so early, it killed the Wii's sales. If this guy comes out and says we need new consoles, that doesn't inspire confidence in what they've done with the current hardware.

ProjectDeputy2198d ago

after was i saw at e3 the wii u dont deserve my money...the biggest nintendo e3 letdown-boring this gen

Chuk52198d ago

Tbh, I don't think simply new graphics are gonna make everyone jump ship immediately like crytek and epic they will. Games right now look incredible and I personally don't think we will see a ps2-ps3, xbox-xbox 360 leap next time around. Especially with the cost of development ballooning as it is.

ChunkyLover532198d ago

Its already started in a way, I'm sure a lot of the big developers are working on next gen games. Infinity Ward is working on the next gen version of Modern Warfare 4, while Sledgehammer is working on the current gen versions.

Even if there isn't a huge leap, 6x the power of the current consoles is still more than the Xbox to Xbox 360, which was 5x the power.

I'll definitely be all about next gen when those consoles get announced, I'm stoked for Wii U as well, but when the 720 gets announced, everything and every penny is set aside for that bad boy.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

It's easy to say that when you don't push graphics, animation and AI.

Making games for 3+ platform is not easy and they don't have time like Naughty Dog to study cell architecture.

Also it's better they either stop complaining or do like crytek & dice and stop waiting...

And with planetside 2 coming seems sony is not waiting either. ironic.

turgore2198d ago

pop08 was one of the worst games I ever played.

prototypeknuckles2198d ago

thats your opinion and i fully respect it no reason for me to rage, but alot of people liked it and want a true conclusion to the game, instead of another giant cliffhanger, not knowing what will happen next.

Rainstorm812198d ago

POP 08 was better than the abysmal game that followed it... They took risk and i rather enjoyed the fighting system, it was a good starting point, if they took the time to enhance every part of that game the next one couldve been even better.

If i remember correctly it was rated fairly the top of my head IGN gave it a 9+

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chukamachine2198d ago

Problem is prototype. This game isn't pushing nothing, graphics are like a first gen ps3/360 game.

WeskerChildReborned2198d ago

Wait, what does Prototype have to do with any of this?

sandman2242198d ago

Comming from someone who daveloped a game with last gen graphics. I'll take your comment as you being scared to develop on new hardware. I beat the first game. I loved it but graphically it's last gen.

WeskerChildReborned2198d ago

I never really seen any game last gen that looks like Darksiders 2.

Rainstorm812198d ago

Or Darksiders 1 for that matter....

IQUITN4G2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Well of course there's life in these machines still because the only thing that ever get pushed is their technical abilities. Games are still essentially exactly what we've played since we can remember. Absolutely no attention to ai development or interaction past simple presets for example and so much potential left unexplored. The only thing we'll need from these new machines is better graphics if games fail to expand in interesting ways past just being quirky. How about truly living cities of ai that do more than simple faked intelligence- fair enough the argument is still that it's too demanding for this gen even but next there really isn't any excuse next gen

So will next gen simply be more of the same over and over again with only the occasional gem emerging from it all- while of course looking yet more pretty?. Forgive people for not sounding all that excited but there is a limit

Next gen will be no different until people start to tire of simply better looking games

hellvaguy2198d ago

"Games are still essentially exactly what we've played since we can remember"

O really? So back on the super nintendo, ps1, etc you could go online and play multiplayer? "Back in the day" you could customize you own maps and do live video recording while playing them online like on Halo Reach? Funny, I dont recall being able to do that since the beginning of video game time.

IQUITN4G2198d ago

Hmmm one view yes but you don't understand where I'm coming from. Games are as good as and to be fair better refined in most ways with each generation but they haven't evolved any in the way a minority audience still yearns for. In a few years time you will see a decline for yourself anyway

richierich2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

IMO I think its time to bring on the next generation consoles next year. Im tired of devs saying that their game pushes the PS3 or 360 to its limits. We have been hearing this for over 3 years and its getting old. Sure there are great looking games coming out for PS3 and 360 but I think we should move forward

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