New Uncharted/Ratchet PS3 Starter Pack Coming Tomorrow in Europe?

A new PS3 starter pack may well be on its way tomorrow in Europe. Not only that, but the pack's release may have significance for rumble in Europe.

The picture you see to the right has turned up, showing off a bundled in copy of Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, along with two controllers. Spanish website reports that the pack will hit shops tomorrow for €499.99 (£371.40).

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kingxtreme813603d ago

Wow, now that's a bundle. Two of the best games this generation packed in with the system is incredible, and anybody remotely interested in the PS3 should jump on that bundle, post haste.

meepmoopmeep3603d ago

two amazing games right off the hop when you get that ps3... but i don't regret buying those two games.. money well spent

gta_cb3603d ago

nice bundle :) better then what i got lol.
i got Uncharted and Smackdown vs Raw 2008 with mine

ygxbrayzie3603d ago

wow that's a really nice bundle me want...
but is that suppose to be a new...i mean anything can be approved...

Chris Brown3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

This bundle was out at beginning of january in sweden

kira9893603d ago


Thats awesome!!

Valin3603d ago

When they have a

PS3 80GB bundled with 2 Duelshock 3 controllers, Play TV and RFOM:2 and GT5 As soon as that hits at 599 i'll buy it.

Tecra_X3603d ago

My advice, don't hold your breath!

THE_JUDGE3603d ago

hold it, your being greedy.

crck3603d ago

Resistance 2 will be an M rated game. I doubt it will ever be included in a bundle.

BISHOP-BRASIL3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

2 controllers is possible, 2 games, a bit too much, but let's say possible... But PlayTV? Are you kidding me right?

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