Treyarch's CoD "film references": Are they paying tribute, or running out of ideas?

Who doesn’t love a good film? For the past century, we’ve witnessed countless motion picture masterpieces that have spawned some truly iconic and memorable moments. Its understandable, then, that game developers the world over would start taking inspiration from such films. Some are certainly more into it than others, however, with Treyarch’s Call of Duty titles showcasing many examples of movie scenes practically remade in video game form. Some may say these scenes are homages. some may say they flat out rip off other films. Either way, this should make for some lazy Sunday fun.

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JKelloggs2163d ago

No "Press Start Button"

I'm calling fake on this one

Hazmat132163d ago

i like a little movie action in my games. and besides who cares if they took a scene from a movie. movie and game ideas are running very low.

sonicsidewinder2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Running out of ideas. It's only made worse when people praise the game on these moments for being 'cool' and 'imaginative'.

The way they ripped off the Deer Hunter is so fucking low.

PhantomT14122163d ago

You gotta be pretty stupid if you think they're ripping it off thinking that nobody else will notice. They're obviously paying a tribute and it didn't start with Treyarch Call of Dutys. Since the first IW Call of Duty, they've done this : the first Soviet mission is a scene by scene recreation of Enemy at the Gates.

JKelloggs2163d ago

Yep, Finest Hour had the similar scene from Enemy At The Gates with the start, entering Stalingrad, and trying to survive.

Also, on WaW, the sniper mission, you start off in a fountain, and that, also is similar to the scene in Enemy at The gates.

But with the one with Finest Hour, that happened, so they could of just been going against history and recreated it, or not, who knows, it may just be a coincidence.

Myself, I don't care whether they "copy"/"rip off a movie" just deal with it.

SwiftShot2162d ago

Black hawk down! I don't mind seeing other references. Makes me :D

SJPFTW2162d ago

Is this author retarded? "Film References" have been part of the appeal of COD since Call of Duty 1.

For example COD1 had missions based on scenes from the Longest Day (Pegasus Bridge mission), Band of Brothers (Carentan, St Marie Engliese, Foy, Battle of the Bulge), Enemy at the Gates (all the Stalingrad levels) etc etc. Its pretty obvious and it was intended. No secret there.