What Are Bioware Fans Looking For?

Apparently, there are a large number of people who are claiming that Bioware is ruined forever and that they have betrayed their fans. Some are so upset they’ve vowed never to purchase a game with the name Bioware on it ever again. Why are they so angry, and what does the company need to do to satisfy the fans who have alleged betrayal?

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user54670072170d ago

"Why are they so angry"

Really...does that really need to be explained.

I'm not going to list everything but I'll list the obvious ones

They let EA treat them like crap

They make their games more accessible to bring in a bigger audience which ruins them for loyal fans.

They ruined Dragon Age 2 by making it accessible and dumbing it down

They made ME2 (despite still being good) more of a generic third person shooter.

ME lost it's RPG goodness by ME3

ME3s ending was just terrible to the point where fan theories like the indocruation theory ended up being much better

Despite fans giving them a way out Bioware didn't take it, they decided to keep the horrible plotholes and try to explain the lot themself which came off as forced and quickly made up.

They've never even apologise for what they did, they don't even think they've done anything wrong. They keep making it look like "Not everyone can be pleased" when really if the majority of fans didn't like something then it's something they've done, not fans.

In the end they've turned into lying, greedy arseholes where if Dragon Age 3 dosen't fix fans complaints and ends up living up to the first game, then they have truely turned to sh*t.

Godmars2902170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

Could have just said they bowed to EA scheduling and put out games sooner than they should have. Cut corners and made compromises like ME3's side mission management. Or lack there of.

Should probably state that I'm not a Bioware fan. Played a couple of their game back in the day, one of which wasn't Planswalker, while ME2 is the only thing I've touched recently. That was their chance to win me over when I'm not much of a PC gamer but heard tons in regards to KOTOR, and when I had to forgive them for presenting a galactic terrorist organization who not only used their logo on everything they owned but operated well in the open.

Then the shuttle scene happened. Nevermind the general industry mindset of trying to appeal to the broad market only to be selective in the level of support they give to their own product.

aliengmr2169d ago

Honestly, I don't think EA is totally to blame. By ME3 I think Bioware was just tired of the series and wanted it to be done.

joab7772169d ago

Yeah, it's bad. It pains me to think how great ME could have been as a true RPG. I disagree that they r finished but prior to 2012, ME was their shining star. Dragon age was primed and ruined, swtor, while being very good, could also have been revolutionary. And then came ME3. There is a slim opening for them, but EA must not simply try and eek out every penny before they leave or close. They need to let them so their thing. Dragon Age 3 is gonna b make it or break it. They should wait for next Gen so they can make a quality game that isn't scaled down on PC. Also, it needs to new a true RPG. There's no reason that a non western company that is also greedy was able to create the best western RPG this year in dragons dogma.

Now, I love biowares storytelling and just a few years ago, they were cutting edge. Here's to hoping DA3 isn't a cookie cutter game That's streamlined to sell.

taquito2169d ago

baldurs gate 3.

thats it

mass effect is weak

dragon age is bunk

the only GREAT games bioware has ever made are

Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 and expos

Neverwinter and expos

Jade Empire


and to a much lessar extent dragon age origins and even less mass effect

people that have only played mass effect and dragon age know nothing of biowares real talent

the garbage me2 and 3 and dragon age 2 are the absolute WORST games bioware has ever made, simply bloddy awful writting, terrible dumbed down concepts, retarded relashionships that make no sense

Baldurs Gate 2 SoA is the single best game bioware will EVER make, it is simply IMPOSSIBLE for them to make a better game in the current structure of video game creation

The OG poeple from bioware and bblack isle would need to lock themselves in a basement for 4 years and work on bladurs gate 3, then maybe, maybe they could attain 60% of what they did with bg2

MiamiACR212169d ago

I want what Dragon Age offered. An engrossing tale with lots of memorable characters, intricate combat system, and beautiful music. By the end of my many hours I got so attached to some of the characters that it was almost sad to see the credits roll; that's more of what I want.

otherZinc2169d ago

Looking for EA to GTFO!

Looking for ME 4.