Expert: World of Warcraft Players Better than MBA candidates?

According to learning guru John Seely Brown, expert World of Warcraft players make better job candidates than an MBA from Harvard

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Panthers2234d ago

Maybe people that run very large and successful guilds. Otherwise they are the usual internet troll.

geth1gh2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I am guessing from that comment you did't actually watch the video.

Therefore becoming a internet troll yourself...

Zha1tan2234d ago

Love the big think channel, its incredibly enlightening and refreshing.

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joab7772234d ago

I have a guy that works for me that plays wow everyday. He never sleeps and he is able to work but I would never mistake him for someone with an MBA from Harvard. I understand what he is trying to say as far as the qualities one may have, but he fails to understand that wow is a full time job and no one that plays wow could succeeded working 80 hours a week in a corporate structure. Maybe someone who once played wow, but they wouldn't even get the same enjoyment from it...I don't think. And he says that they do it for no bonuses or incentives? Really? Getting up at 4 to raid isn't being done for nothing. They want loot, leveling, and bragging rights. As far as corporate structure, these people get bonuses because they are making millions for their company.