Rumored Best Buy Gaming Blowout 3.0 (Huge List)

Well, even though the 2.0 version of the Best Buy gaming blowout just began today (or last night for that matter), it would seem that they are planning on holding ANOTHER one soon. Found on Best Buy’s site is a list of 224 items that are likely going to be included in the upcoming blowout.

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ChunkyLover532020d ago

Ya, but in Canada it comes with a side of maple syrup eh!

jeeves862020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

How could you get disagrees for asking a question? Bunch of haters here.

It also appears that this is not available in Canada. Checking out the BB Canada site, I don't see anything relating to it. Sadness.

Theparanerds2019d ago

I doubt it, I work at Bestbuy and I haven`t heard anything like this

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DrRichtofen2020d ago

Are these deals only online?

Hoje03082020d ago

In store as well. I'm confused as to why someone felt the need to disagree with you for asking a question.

DrRichtofen2020d ago

Thank you for the reply! And yeah I was also wondering why someone would disagree... weird huh?

Hoje03082020d ago

On this site, it actually isn't that weird, unfortunately.

showtimefolks2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

look at your comment 6 disagrees. n4g has so much stealth trolling and people have more than one accounts so while people who actually say something that's right or say what's their opinion loose bubbles.

so here everyone who asked a question bubbles for everyone.

tired of these trolls


some nerd sitting in his parents basement and who is still virgin and has no money disagreed with you since he can't buy 8 games

n4g use to be bad but now its just ugly

shadow27972019d ago

Or maybe people are just answering his question without using a bubble to type "No".

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CommonSense2019d ago

It could be because if you goto he site, there are buttons next to each game and some of them say "in store only" and some of them allow you to order online.

just throwin it out there as a possibility. seems odd to disagree with a question...even if the question is unnecessary.

Greyslash2020d ago


JustInTlME2019d ago

Tell me about it... I bought 8 games from the sale today....LMAO!

JustInTlME2019d ago

How does that comment get a disagree? lol...

brettyd2020d ago

when do these new titles go on sale?

LOGICWINS2019d ago

When Bestbuy gets rid of the old (less desirable) titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.