PS3's goriest death scenes writes:

"Some of the bloodiest games in history have been made available on PS3, and as such, we decided to look at some of the goriest deaths witnessed on Sony’s black box."

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Lord_Sloth1866d ago

Dat Eye Poker.

I dunno which made me cringe more, succeeding or failing at it.

Croash1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Oh, this is one scene I'll never forget. I wanted to play on Hardcore and my last save was used somewhere in Chapter 10.
So there I was, having played for almost 2 hours since I'd saved, ready to beat the game in under 7 hours, in front of that machine.
You can't imagine how stressed I was, and for good reasons. One tiny mistake and it would be over.
And brutal eye lovemaking happened D:

I haven't touched Dead Space 2 since that day (a year ago, already?!), but not because I'm angry with the game, only because I didn't care about unlocking the trophy. I only did it for the thrills, and I wasn't let down. I waited a good 30 seconds with a blank stare before I turned the console off, relieved.

Unless Dead Space 3 is as intense as the first two games, and by intense I mean horror-filled, even if it's mixed with a lot of action, I'll simply consider that Isaac is now dead because of a joystick failure.

Now, among all the other scenes shown in this article, I have to say that the one that I enjoy the most is Noob's Fatality. It's short and sweet. It's gory and yet, to me, still too unrealistic to be considered disgusting (this is more about the game's graphics than the actual killing move). It still is the first thing I show to those of my friends who've never played a Mortal Kombat game, and I can't stop laughing when I look at their faces!

Lord_Sloth1866d ago

Actually I can imagine since I did the Hardcore run as well. XXXD

I saved just before the room with the spinning 4 lasers for my final save.

WeskerChildReborned1866d ago

You should put the save on a USB so you can try to attempt the eye poker.

j-blaze1866d ago

"PS3's goriest death scenes"?? oh yeah this one grilled alive, very gory it should be on that list dammit!

oops they actually meant stupid topics by stupid journalists -_-

R_aVe_N1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

sad little monkey

TekoIie1866d ago

*looks at image*

You dont know the definition of "gore" do you little man?

neoandrew1866d ago

RE4, DS, DS2, MK9, Silent Hill Homecoming, Prototype 2

ARE NOT ps3 only titles, so they are not belong to PS3's goriest death scenes

R_aVe_N1866d ago

So you are saying if it is not exclusive it can't be on the list? I don't think it said anything about EXCLUSIVE to PS3 goriest death scenes...

Can it be played on the PS3... Yep so they are all still valid I would think

neoandrew1865d ago

Ok, so the same way i can say that it is Xbox 360 goriest death scenes.

vallencer1865d ago

I'm pretty sure what he means is the title shouldn't read that if it's not ps3 only games because i thought the same thing when i clicked on the article. If it is full of multi platform games it should just read the goriest deaths in video games. Hope this clarifies.

r211866d ago

i cringed so much from this article, especially the MK's one O_O
strangely KZ3's melee wasnt that cringe worthy compared to the rest of the list, possibly because i got used to it after 6 months of meleeing people XD

Bathyj1866d ago

How about shattered testicles from Sniper Elite 2?

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