Confirmed: Sonic Scenarist to be Exclusively Blu-ray

As we reported yesterday, Sonic Solutions has announced that their Professional Products Group will now focus its research and development on the creation of applications for Blu-ray authoring. Sonic will now work to create new tools to make use of BD-Live interactivity. Previously, Scenarist had support for HD DVD authoring as well, but will now cease sales of that product line.

Rolf Hartley, senior vice president and general manager of Sonic's Professional Products Group commented, "Our professional authoring customers are actively engaged with expanding their services in advanced interactive and online content creation. With a focus on Blu-ray Disc, we're able to meet this demand with new technologies and applications that leverage the growing-capabilities of the robust BD format to deliver dynamic entertainment experiences that consumers not only want, but have also come to expect from today's connected-content platforms."

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whoelse3820d ago

There are one of the leading HDM authors that studios use! :)

gta_cb3820d ago

this is good news for BluRay but really in the past their software have been sh!t, so hopefully this will help improve it