Why do I have Forza Motorsport 3?

Bitmob - I'm the type of gamer who, if you lure me in right, will play just about everything. Shooters, (first person or third) RPGs, survival horror, MMOs, pretty much anything. I do however have a long standing anti-racing and anti-sports game "rule". If you hand me a copy of Madden, expect it to go to some charitable cause... that saying it's lucky enough to not receive some sort of bodily harm. They just aren't my type of game, and I generally find myself bored. I would rather watch my favorite football team, then pretend I'm in it. The last racing game I recall playing is Mario Kart for the Wii, and before that for the N64. Just not my style.

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Blankman852317d ago

Because if you're gonna own just one racing game, might as well have it be the highest rated racing game of the generation.
Turn 10 have proven themselves a trully AAA quality studio with Forza. All their games have scored at least 90 on metacritic. Yes yes, I know metacritic doesn't count when we talk about Forza because it exclusive to 360 but still.
Only other franchises I can think of with just AAA quality games in the series are Gears of War and Mass Effect. By AAA I'm refering to rating not budget.

insomnium22317d ago

Unless ofc people enjoy a little more realistic car handeling and the challenge that goes with that territory (not to mention the more realistic tracks instead of dumbed down ones) they might consider GT5 their choise for a racer. Just saying.

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insomnium22317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )


That's a million dollar question right there. I've been wondering the same thing myself.

h311rais3r2316d ago

Gt5 was my bigger disappointment ever. It was bad

Blankman852316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Because in real life 800 different cars from different manufacturers all have the same generic black interior right? Also in real life, you have to wait till level 40 to experience damage when you crash into a wall at 120km/h right? So realistic!
I've noticed metacritic matters when it comes to uncharted, sales matter when it comes to gt, why is that?
See, I can ask stupid questions too. Also, what exclusive fps game this gen has scored higher than halo 3 on metacritic? I'll wait.

MaxXAttaxX2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

You say 800 generic interiors. I say 300 ultra-detailed interiors.
Damage was included in an update. Not a certain level.
Also real-time body deformation > scripted "damage" textures.

And we actually count BOTH sales AND Metacritic for Uncharted :)
Same for GT. So GT5 scored... what 85? I ain't afraid. All other GT games scored higher, but that's still a great score. And the series has sold really well too.

A better question would be: Why is it that the technically better and more complete game like Halo Reach scored lower and sold less than Halo 3? Can you say overhyped?

Ben_Grimm2316d ago

Metacritic only counts when it comes to Sony games. Right Insomnium, I remember our conversation last time when you pulled that out of your butt.

Sales only count when MS is doing well then all of sudden we here "What about World Wide!!?"

Please don't be a hypocrite.

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NeoTribe2316d ago

Gears and mass effect only AAA series? Really? Uncharted, batman, halo? Nope just gears and the watered down casual rpg people call mass effect.

Blankman852316d ago

All the games in the Forza, Gears and Mass Effect series have scored 90 and above on metacritic so far.
That cannot be said for Uncharted, Batman and Halo now can it? So my statement still stands. You've proven nothing.
You're still welcome to prove me wrong though.

Tito082316d ago

@-Ndivhu It cannot be said about Uncharted, Halo & Batman?? First off I'm not a Halo fan, but it's sales & scores altogether have proven it's a better game than those 3, Uncharted 2 was a huge surprise, it was given GOTY from both critics & gamers, even Infinity Ward & Bungie praised Naughty Dog for their accomplishments on the game way before it released, but that doesn't mean Uncharted 1 & 3 are bad, cause they're really great, the scores don't prove anything unless you play them... About Batman, finally the franchise is given the respect it deserves by having 2 great games, and it's given a bigger place in the industry than those 3 together!!!!

Forza is simply very overhyped, it is a great game series of course, but having played most of them, they don't seem 90+ score cause it isn't too far from the likes of Need For Speed Shift & Grid, which I consider better games than Forza, but it got popular by how Microsoft & Turn 10 kept saying how better it was compared to Gran Turismo .... Gears of War was a huge surprise & one of the reasons for the 360's success and was given a lot of great scores, but the same couldn't be said about Gears 2, it wasn't a step forward from Gears 1, Gears 3 managed to outdo 2, but still wasn't a better game that the first one..... Can't argue much about Mass Effect, never liked the series in the first place!!!!

CaptainPunch2316d ago

Don't upset the GT5 fans, lmao. Why are you in the comment section in the first place?

Grimhammer002316d ago

You know....every so often I gotta say, why is ratings & sales the definition of an individual winning an argument on video games? Enlighten me.

See, I play games that speak to me. That I find interesting and challenging...not over so though.
Just because the majority of gamers buy into marketing and hype.....doesn't mean your right. Especially since gaming is to some extent very personal. Not all but, I'd say most core gaming is, multiplayer being over the lonely interwebs. Lol

So, example.....binary domain is far more interesting and fun to me in single player than gears if war. Odst I found far more interesting than actually playing as master chief. And shadow of the colossus brought tears to my eyes.

My point is - play what you like and stop bemoaning sales and ratings that are so corrupt their made moot. If a site generates income from hits then ratings on games is a racket abused. No question in my eyes there. Sales? Just means that marketing did its job....unless it truly was word of mouth. I'll buy that!